Using Session Variables

In Server Connect you can define, use and re-use Session Variables. Once you define your session variables, they become available to choose in the dynamic data picker.

Defining a session variable is easy. In your server action, under Globals you will find $_Session:

Right click it, and add Variable:


Then add a name for this variable- this is your session variable name:


This can also be an existing session, created in some other script which you want to use in your server actions.
After you define it, the session becomes available in the dynamic data picker dialog, so you can use it wherever you need its value:

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What are the uses of session array?

And how can I check if value available within the array?

Thanks @Teodor!

Can someone elucidate the other variables for someone like me who doesn’t come from a PHP background? A brief high-level explanation of how I might use each one would be very much appreciated. I ran a search for “Globals” in hopes of learning more about all of them and to avoid duplicating an existing topic. This Doc did a good job at helping me to better understand the $_SESSION variable although I would like to hear about an example scenario where it would come into use.

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