Wappler vs Pinegrow

Test driving… so far this release does not come close to Pinegrow… maybe in the future

Just curious, does Pinegrow have all of the database functionality that Wappler does? I have never used Pinegrow so simply asking a question.

I don’t believe so, I use it for front end development and wordpress stuff. I think they have fully functional trial version (14 days or someting like that)

If it doesn’t do dynamic data stuff it is useless to me. Everything I do involves manipulating or displaying data so it seems Pinegrow would not be an option for me.

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I use Pinegrow - it’s a good product but weak on the database functionality. However, it does allow you to quickly develop a fully featured WordPress for small businesses on a budget.

Another big difference is that Wappler offers also a built-in Front-End Framework called App Connect allowing you to fully build dynamic reactive web sites. You can populate and use any data source and indeed together with the database connectivity it is a strong winner.

App Connect is similar to ReactJS, Angular and VueJS - but much simpler to use in Wappler as it is all visual data binding and repeat regions. So you see directly your page rendered with the latest data straight in Wapplers design view.


Pinegrow is a fantastic product for front-end design and Bootstrap layouts and also for building Wordpress themes. It is quite a bit ahead of Wappler with it’s layout tools so I’m wondering if some kind of partnership could be considered. Pinegrow users would love the App Connect of Wappler, and Wappler users would love the advanced layout tools of Pinegrow. I have licenses for both products and am actually planning on using Pinegrow for the page layouts and then switching to Wappler for the functionality. Having the two in a single program would finally wipe the floor with Dreamweaver.


I have pinegrow license, but what does it have in advance layout you mean? You can do anything in terms of layout and styling in wappler since you have direct and easy to use css editor.
Actually wappler is better since it have a dedicated mobile app framework. huge plus.

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Pinegrow offers the latest Zurb Foundation framework, which is a BIG plus for Pinegrow for front-end work!

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Just to understand, but Wappler was not supposed to be the “Dreamweaver killer”?
In the last days it’s compared only and exclusively to Pinegrow, no mention to Dreamweaver… maybe I missed something from the launch on indiegogo when DMXzone asked me 400 euros to build an application that would have replaced Dreamweaver. if Wappler was made to compete with Pinegrow I think I threw the money away…

You are right.
Pingerow is not like wappler, wappler will handle everything you need to develop web app.
You just need a server with database.

Michele - this topic is for comparing it with Pinegrow - you can open another topic about comparison with Dreamweaver if you want to discuss it.

We will also soon publish a general comparison matrix with a lot of related products.

Ok, George… when will be available the final version of Wappler (with the app builder function) and the documentation (without is impossible to use it for new “app connect” users) I’ll open a new topic with the comparison with Dreamweaver. I’m sorry if I’m not entusiast like other users here in the forum but at the moment I’m not very satisfied with the purchase done. I hope you can make me change my mind very soon.

In reference to the comparison with Pinegrow, the usability of the latter is better (if we want to limit ourselves to the creation of a static site with bootstrap). When I open a website on Pinegrow, immediately I have the full control (is very intuitive the interface) instead on Wappler always I need to ask myself “how can I do this/that, where is this/that, etc.” and without a previous DMXzone extension’s experience is impossible to move on. My opinion of course…

As far as I can see, a major difference is that Pinegrow analyses all of the CSS, whereas Wappler only appears to analyse/understand what it’s set up to look at - as far as the App Structure is concerned. Eg if the path to Bootstrap has not been created using Wappler (eg if it’s a local path), then Wappler doesn’t recognise Bootstrap. If there are additional CSS files, again Wappler won’t display the page elements in the App Structure.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a (rather serious) limitation of Wappler. I asked about this a while ago but haven’t received a reply. It would be useful to know how Wappler recognises the CSS in order to work. Perhaps it’s possible to modify the paths to get it to work.

See also Wappler vs. Dreamweaver & 4 Other Tools: A Comparison

To be brutally honest, I see that comparison as a bit misleading at present time. It may be a good chart a year from now when Wappler is solid and actually has everything in that chart that it says it does.

It is a good chart for what Wappler will be eventually - not what Wappler is right now in present day.


that is what i was thinking exactly.
marketing before the product is ready will effect wappler in a negative way.

Pinegrow makes it very easy to do the page layout with CSS, Bootstrap, SASS, etc. and produces lovely code. After using Pinegrow for a couple of years, I had a good look at Wappler but it just isn’t as comprehensive or easy to use. Pinegrow has nothing for the PHP writing, though, which is why I suggested the two products coming together.

Well actually Wappler has also a very nice visual designer for Bootstrap 4 - all elements are available and you can add them very naturally with the smart context menu - that shows you only the allowed elements so you don’t do nesting errors and have a choice of only elements you can place in the currently selected context.

Once you get the idea - you will see how productive and clean that is - and will never want to use overfull choice of elements that aren’t valid in the context anyway.

Well not sure how is in Pinegrow, but in many other editors I’ve seen is that you have a whole components panel - that might be sorted and grouped but still have like hundreds of elements in it and you have to drag them out to drop them in design view to find our that you get a wrong nesting or that they are not allowed.

With Wappler you have a limited by design but smart choice - so you get only the elements in the context that you need and are possible.

Yes, Wappler has a nice way of using Bootstrap. However, until all the bugs are fixed it is not a leader in that area.

  • container-fluid bug
  • Modal bugs
  • adding elements outside parent tags (wrong place)
  • form element bugs
  • the list goes on .....

That all has to be fixed before it can be considered better than even Dreamweaver which is bad. Like I say, it will be better. It just has a long way to go.