Wappler optimizations

wappler is slowing over time. but after fresh install, it accelerates again. Is this a bug? or is it a different problem that needs to be resolved? If there is such a thing, can it be done to clear the memory or delete temporary files?

I asked about this in this thread. I think some changes have already been made to optimise this and more will be made.

Basically I deleted the whole C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Wappler\User Data folder (having made a backup as I didn’t know what would happen). The sites disappeared from Wappler so I had to open the relevant folders, but Wappler was back to opening in 2-3 seconds. This is obviously on Windows. My User Data file was over 6GB so I suspected it might be the issue.

Yes indeed there is some caching of files that we need to clean up.

We hope to improve that in the next update, so everything is cleared well on close and Wappler keeps running at high speed

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This is now implemented in the latest version 1.7.0