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I have been having quite a few problems with 1.6.1 - mainly in relation to the various parts of the UI not keeping in sync. There are also relatively minor issues - eg after a while Ctrl+F doesn’t put the cursor in the Find field and I realise I’m typing into the code. Or Select buttons stop responding. Working on a fairly large file, about 1000 lines of code, these issues seem to get worse and Wappler generally seems to get rather sluggish.

I think these issues are known and I’m sure they will be fixed, but it would be helpful to know if there are any temporary solutions.

One thing which certainly helps is restarting - but this not nearly as quick as it used to be, which is very noticeable if you have to do it frequently. I uninstalled completely and reinstalled 1.6.0. This helped with some issues, but I missed some of the fixes in the most recent version. I was pleased to see that the projects had not disappeared - but wondered what else had not disappeared: about 23,000 files in the Wappler User Data folder, taking up about 6GB. I renamed this folder and installed 1.6.1. Wappler now starts about 10 ten times more quickly and so far is behaving better. It may slow down again when I reinstall all of the projects, but haven’t discovered any problems having deleted the 6GB of files.

I don’t know if it would be possible to have an option to delete all of this user data, except for the projects. It seems that it just gets larger and larger. Eg there is one file - a sqlite database which seems to store cached pages - which had grown to about 350MB. I deleted this earlier when trying to speed things up - I’m not sure if it made much difference but it didn’t to any harm.

In the meantime, if anyone has any tips on Wappler performance, that would be useful - eg have others had problems with very large files?

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The selection problems will be solved tomorrow.

For the ctrl-F @patrick should check it.

As for larger code files - in general those shouldn’t matter and load fast - except when they have very long lines.
We underlying code editor codemirror that we use for code view, has performance issues with very long lines, but not with huge amount of lines - those are well paged.

Hopefully most of the issues will be fixed - which would be great.

The Ctrl+F issue is like several others - it only appears after you’ve been using Wappler for a little while. At that point restarting fixes it.

I think there is just one very long line - about 760 characters. It’s a medium editor region with lots of dynamic styles. I would prefer to format it like this, to make it easier to work with:


… but after closing/reopening the file, Wappler does this to it:


Do you this would cause the problem? Would it be fixed if I broke the line up like above. It would be nice if Wappler didn’t reformat it anyway, but I could try breaking it onto multiple lines temporarily if that might help. It’s a complicated page with quite a few modals, including one with this editor region and a series of dynamic select lists. It’s been frustrating working on this page today. Design and code view have often shown quite different things.

I still think it would be nice to have a ‘maintenance button’ to delete most of the user data - if that’s what’s resulted in Wappler now opening lightening fast, as it used to.

Did you try the wrap lines option in the global options for code view?

I always have this option set to wrap.

Do you know if there is a specific line length which causes a problem? And would it be solved if it the lines were broken up? It’s very easy to create quite long lines, eg just using a typical server action like:


… might be 2 - 300 characters.

In any case, I would prefer to have more control of the HTML format and have an option to prevent Wappler reorganising things.

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By long lines I mean lines over 1000-2000 chars
Usually happens only when you open a minified file. Normal files really shouldn’t have any troubles

Thanks George. I think it’s pretty unlikely this would be a problem then.

Improved in version 1.6.2

The speed up should work fine when you empty your local configuration folder, but we will do that automatically in future updates

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