Wappler Mobile App with bootstrap router problem with content page

Wappler Version : Beta 4 v12
Operating System : Mac OS Intel
Server Model: Local
Database Type: None
Hosting Type: Local

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

When I create function or variable in the main page (index.html) I need to access it from content pages

See example of what should happen

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

I create the data in the main file and when I go to the content page and try to access a function or information it is not there. See video

How to reproduce

Just create a Bootstrap mobile App add functions or data to index and then try to access from content page.

Anybody? How can I fix this?

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Hi Gents

Any help on this or a work around as we really don’t want to use F7 and we need to make an decission whether to use Wappler or Vue. I would prefer Wappler.

If I don’t misunderstand you.
You cannot see the data in the index from inside the content page.

Yes, You can’t see the data and functions defined in index in any of the content pages.

Example I created a flow in index that should be available everywhere. I go to a content page and if I try and call it, it does not show up in the list.

Ahem. Any news on this?

Try the Wappler 4 final

Nope doesn’t work.

I can now see global defined vars. But still can’t see the defined data and functions in the index file.

Defined in index:

Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 14.47.16

Not showing in about content page.

Even tried calling the app in the about content page index as well but no luck.

We have extended the data picking functionality from the main page on Mobile projects with App Connect routing. Will be available in the next update.

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Perfect thanks

Fixed in Wappler 4.0.1

It works! Mobile and desktop apps built with AppConnect and Bootstrap =

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