Wappler Interface Tabs always truncate file name even though there is plenty of space to show full file name

One very annoying issue I have with Wappler is the fact that the Tabs in the interface never show the full filename and I am forever having to mouse over the tab to get the file name. Otherwise the file name is usually trimmed with “…” I am not sure if that’s changed in v5, but I am still using 4.9.
I am using a large screen and there is plenty of real estate to display the full file name in the tab.

Tabs in Wappler are acting exact like the ones in your browser - they have a fixed max width. You can see the full path and file name on hover. In version 5 this hasn’t changed much, except the style of the tabs is a bit different:

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is there a chance you could add at least a few more characters. Hover over each tab to work out which file you want to click one can be frustrating.

Wait until this happens to you :smiley:

Safari 02-08-2022 14.03.01 000036

Maybe you want to vote this one which adds a quality of life change to tabs. Maybe we can add to the request dynamic width tabs.

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Here’s another related request which you might want to vote for.

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This was improved in Wappler 6 beta 9 - the tab width is now dynamic and always shows the full file names.

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