Wappler community surpasses 1000 users

Another great milestone have being reached by the Wappler community!

1000 users!

We have achieved this in just a few months now that the community is open to the general public and are so proud of our members from all parts of the world!

It is such a pleasure to see how intense the Wappler community is and how people help each other, sharing their knowledge, ideas and projects.

All that around Wappler - the top visual productivity tool that get the work done quickly and visually, just as you want it.

We made Wappler so powerful because of your great feedback in the community. We couldn’t do it without you!

Special thanks goes to our @wappler_ambassadors - being the main foundation of the community!
You guys are great - keep up the awesome work you do - we love you!

Congratulations all - you are creating the future of Wappler!


If I can add my 2 cents, this community was the best idea DMXZone could have ever come up with, I used to feel so alone and stuck when i had problems, and you know what it can be like when you go onto a forum full of coders and ask for help with a DMXZone extension, people just spend their time telling you how you should have done it and never really help you fix it.

Being a DMXZone customer for a long time this is the first time i feel that i really have help and actually got to know the developers, honestly this community idea was a stroke of genius.

Well done Wappler. Brilliant product and brilliant community full of people on the same product in the same boat with the same power, makes it much easier to get things done.


on to the 2000 now :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations! Another great mile-stone achieved. I have to agree with Paul. The Wappler community is amazing. I’m not a fan-boi in any way shape or form. Tools that do jobs. The right tool for the right job. Always comes first. Then when you get top support thrown in for no extra outlay its a huge benefit. Then a solid community built upon user experience and shared knowledge as a further addition, well what can you say… It doesn’t happen every day and in my experience its rare to non existent outside of some Open Source communities… Here is very different. Really refreshing and a testament to everyone involved, from the superb Team through to the considerate and informed Users. New and old alike. No one is left out. All are felt welcome. Again congratulations is deserved. Not only for a ground-breaking product but for wrapping it all up together as a community focused and driven entity. Top job ladies and gentleman. Bravo!



Oh and one more thing… If Pandora had a box in 2018 I’m sure it would have had Wappler inside once she closed the lid!



I’m really happy about this, I really want to go to 2000.

Hopefully, this team will grow more and more with this wonderful product.
and most importantly, never stop listening to us.


And I love the sheer honesty of all involved, George and his Team in particular, not to forget the great atmosphere created by everyone in this forum.



It will be a challenge to maintain the atmosphere of this forum and the terrific response to user suggestions and requests as 1000 users becomes 2000 etc… Given such a great start, I’m optimistic about this being possible.

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We thank you for your effort !!! You are working so hard for our problems and wappler’s future .of course We will support always.

Success is always on the side of the persevering.
my expectation is so high. 1000 user not enough
Other step 10 000 users

Go wappler goooo…

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