Wappler Community Reaches 3500 users!


Just a few months ago we mentioned that we got 1000 users and now

Wappler Community reached 3500 users!

What an achievement and what a great user base we have! So much feedback and a awesome community collaboration!

The community is the heart of Wappler and all the new features and growth is because of it.

We are so proud to have you on board and together we are building the future with Wappler.

Thanks to your awesome feedback, we can build all the tools you need for your ultimate productivity.
Now you can focus on your creativity and what needs to be done, instead of losing time by reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Special thanks go to the most involved and always ready to help @wappler_ambassadors!
Thank you guys - we couldn’t do it without you! Keep up the awesome work!

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About Wappler and its small community

Congratulations!!! This is the best product I’ve seen in a long time. The support is stellar. Well deserved!!!

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It is incredibly difficult to put a value on the Support the whole Team/Community offer here. I’m forever grateful for all the help, advice, and insights provided by everyone using/developing this superb application.


Congratulations Glad to Hear that :grinning::grinning:


Just in the last few days we have seen a few users post for the first time. As someone who reads every single thread on these forums, this community is a huge reason to use Wappler. After a while it becomes personal and I would love to sit down and have beers with many of the members here.

I don’t come to this community every day for support, but I do come here every day to learn from others. Questions or hurdles that others encounter have helped me get more out of Wappler.

Through following Wappler so closely I have been able to witness how much of Wappler is built on the needs of the end users. The Wappler Team listens … more than listens … they act on it.


You deserve so much more. This is just a tiny start. Wappler project is built for great things and great things will achieve… Results cant lie. Our customers are amazed of the projects we develop with Wappler. Nothing more to say. Just keep on. It will only be growing!


Our Clients are loving it too! We can sit with them and show them so many different available options, in real-time, live and direct. Screens full of content rather than thousands of lines of code and a shoddy representation of their design investment. Its as if we have gone from black and white to colour in their eyes, and ours. Yes there are other visual design tools, but they simply do not compare. The gap between Wappler and any competitors it may have had is now a chasm.

Planes are planes. A Cessna is a plane, so is an SR71… I know which I’d rather be in control of…

Flying higher than anything else, faster than everything before or since…

Booooooom, boooooom!


I just have to thank this wonderful team.

Wappler Team The Best


Thank you @george @teodor @wappler_ambassadors and every one of the Wappler team. Wappler is stellar.

It is the greatest invention in web development of this century.
It can only keep growing.

I’d raise a glass at 1 million users.

Cheers guys!

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Hey Niko,
We’re almost 4500 already :slight_smile:


haha great!!!