Wappler best pitch line


We know you all love Wappler and are using it as the best tool available, to build those amazing data driven websites and apps.

But how would you describe it to new users in one line?

Share your Wappler one liners! What is Wappler to you? @wappler_ambassadors and power users?

We can then vote on the best ones and choose a winner pitch line that we can use on the Wappler website


I’ll choose Wappler over this route any day!


Full Fat Full Stack, Wappler ain’t no skinny latte!

Full Fat Full Stack, not for lightweights


Build everything (visually) without learning to code


Dream it , do it


I think it depends on what target or audience you are aiming too, I mean Wappler is targeting two different audiences, Dev/coders AND visual designers alike, so I would suggest a different pitch line appealing for both audiences or a different one for each…For those who are already a developers/coders (something like: Develop faster than ever with Wappler.! - in addition it rhymes well ) and those who are not developers/coders but designers it could be something more like .“Design and Datability made easier than ever!”. Or: “Add Datability to your design in a few clicks!”.
Or: “Design and Datability are a few clicks away with Wappler!”.

My main language is French so please forgive me if something make no sens lol

An by the way, the “Databilty” expression does exist: https://techacute.com/datability/



Entry withdrawn by @Gabriel


Wappler is Web Apps Easier, makes coding a visual art!


I’d like to change this to

Don’t dream it, do it with Wappler!


I stumbled upon DMXzone, when I was looking for a software to build website with, not requiring SQL or PHP knowledge. I searched a few keywords on google to eventually stumble upon DMXzone…

So, I think the best way to get new users to understand what Wappler is, is to be plain about the definition. Sometimes, less is more:

So, I am going to list a few suggestions:

  • build powerful (data driven) websites and mobile apps with Wappler - no coding knowledge required.
  • save time building powerful mobile & web apps without writing a single line of code with Wappler
  • Build powerful PHP(etc) applications fully visual with Wappler
  • If you can visualize your next web idea, you can build it with Wappler. No coding knowledge required.
  • Wappler helps you build powerful web and mobile applications without any coding knowledge.
  • Turn your ideas into reality, build powerful web & mobile apps without writing a single line of code.
  • Visual PHP (etc) editor for powerful web & mobile application.
  • Visual Frontend and Backend editor for powerful web & mobile apps


wappler is not small enough to be told in a single sentence. Wappler would be unfair. I think we should tell wappler more thematic. Also a lot of people use cms like wordpress joomla. But I’m sure a lot of people can’t do their modules. If there is an example of how to make a wordpress module with wappler, we can tell you what the wappler can do. Also wordpress and joomla users are wappler’s target market.


Thank you all for the great suggestions!

I tried to used the best ones, combined with my own - and this is the result:

Visually build dynamic, data driven and highly interactive custom web sites, CMS systems and mobile apps with Wappler.

Thanks to it’s integrated, first class frontend and backend frameworks, visual two way data bindings and Bootstrap 4 builder, there is no need to learn to code in React, VueJS or AngularJS or any server languages - you can focus on productivity and creativity.

Connect to any database or API service, use and dynamically manipulate its data and bring your website to live!

No need to code, but you can if you want to.

What do you think? Should it go well on the wappler.io home page as intro? Or is it too much :slight_smile:
People that don’t know what Wappler is - having different background, like designers and developers - should immediately get it :slight_smile: - if not than the text is not perfect :slight_smile:


Exactly George!

In a very short line I would say: Develop and design your app all visually. No coding, No joking.



My apologies, I thought that you were looking for a short catch phrase, hence my suggestion above.

Working from what you have jotted down (I hate myself for this) I would shorten the message just slightly to read:

Build dynamically driven and highly interactive customised web sites, content management systems and mobile apps with Wappler.

Thanks to it’s integrated, first class frontend and backend frameworks, two way data bindings and Bootstrap 4 builder, there is no need to learn to code - you can focus on productivity and creativity.

Connect to any database or API service, manipulating its data to bring your website to life!

No coding necessary, but you can if you want to.


Wappler fills the gap between code and design which makes rapid App development possible.


You have a very good point there, and many designers and devs are tired with these cms and would like to have a better control on how things works and can be done, so for me Wappler is the perfect answer.

I used different cms for different clients but since I am not a coder often get stuck somewhere one day or the other. And there is always things that I find usefulness or not very well suited for the client needs. Searching for the perfect cms for each client is time consuming and usually nothing fit exactly the needs.


It is missing the word “no” in this sentence: “there is need to learn to code in React”


Ditto Ben thought they wanted a catch phrase rather than a short description.


Well initially I went for a one liner, but soon it turned out that that is impossible, so now we are going for the perfect pitch (value proposition) as first sentence or two that people see on Wappler.io


So you’re the winner? Seems like a predetermined “competition” in hindsight. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clown_face: