Wappler best pitch line


well I’m still not satisfied about the end result - so we will definitely have few winners delivering the best lines :slight_smile:


Entry withdrawn by @Gabriel


It would probably be a good idea to ask a SEO expert for their opinion. Anyway, here’s a short one:
Wappler: end to end web development

Better in context perhaps, eg:

Front-end? Back-end?
Wappler: end to end web development

Front-end? Back-end? Why?
Wappler: end to end web development

Front-end? Back-end? Struggling to make ends meet?
Wappler: end to end web development

Front-end? Back-end? Struggling to make ends meet?
Wappler: making ends meet on the web


calling our SEO expert @psweb :slight_smile:


Going well Gabriel! :+1:

We would actually use both maybe - as we need a short proposition for the top to start with and then screenshots will come for each paragraph to explain the feature.

PS. Lifetime Pro is not really the prize :slight_smile: - but beers and eternal fame!


I have already been researching a few different aspects of this for you George, will let you know the minute I have some info ready for you.

On a side note though it is quite a difficult one, I mean, on one hand you want to speak to your audience from an emotional level, something super corny like.

Tired of begging your web developer to make small alterations, long wait times, excuses as to why your idea can not “technically” be implemented. Don’t you wish you had the expertise to do it all yourself? Wappler - “Including a built in Web Developer”

The problem with that is what keywords would the person be searching on Google for so that comes up. It might be a good sales pitch, for the purchase side though.

On the other hand you can cram it with keywords that web developers would type in. Like
Website Development tool, Rapid development tool / program / application, etc. but these are all only going to by typed in by an existing developer, and not the person at home just starting out, who might search something like. “How to make a simple website” Which would be better answered by your videos on your YouTube channel and then link back to your website.

Anyway just rambling on here. Some other ideas would be
Wappler, where dynamic data driven websites are easily created.

Wappler, bringing simplicity to data driven websites and apps.

Bring you website designs to life without hiring a developer.

MySQL, Php, Asp, sound daunting? That’s why we created Wappler, a simple tool anyone can use, making the impossible, just a few clicks away.


Wappler, simply not Dreamweaver! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK… I m joking but it is not so easy find just a line to describe a product that covers different area and it is more complex than a simple web editor… I m sure the community will find a nice phrase!

EDIT in any case I would focus on the fact that Wappler is a framework not a simple web editor. Underlining that is the first visual framework to develop the web…

Wappler. The First Visual Framework for the Web.


haha, love it, maybe a little too on the nose though, could make a play on that though.

Wappler, the weaver you want to dream of.
Then get one of the resident artists here to do a picture of a weaver bird constructing his nest/home with the Wappler W somehow embossed into it. lol

So not a very direct dig at Dreamweaver but you have their keywords, for any searches, and people will probably know the deeper meaning.


and avoid letter from lawyers of Adobe :smile:


Wappler, the final frontier, , where no web app has ever gone before (just joking folks)


When supplying my text input, I wasn’t aware this was not an actual competition. Tthat our provided verbatim words could be used on your main site without our actual consent or acknowledgment?

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Seems like no prize or competition.


I think an one liner is necessary at some point to create a “tone of voice” for the brand. This is quite useful for catching attention and to show attitude.

IMHO you guys should go full throttle for the “no code” idea. This is a huge advantage of the tool and an area that is already growing a lot in recent years.

Here’s some ramdom one liners to add to the list of already excellent suggestions from others.

“No code? No joke”.

“De-coding web development”.

“Low code, high quality apps”.


Well I think we got the best value proposition now,

Wappler - The Visual Web App Creator

Visual builder for dynamic, data driven and highly interactive custom web sites, CMS systems and mobile apps.

No need to code , thanks to its integrated, first class reactive front-end and back-end frameworks, visual two way data bindings and Bootstrap 4 builder - you can focus on productivity and creativity .

Connect to any database or API service and bring your website to life !

Develop and design visually. No coding, No joking.

check it live:


Thats fits to what wappler is! Hmm do you have already an Alpha Version which supports dropshadow? As I can see some on that new Landing Page :smiley:


I think it looks very good and impressive.

I appreciate you want to emphasise the ‘no code’ point, but some people might assume there is no access to the code at all - a price that might have to be paid for the visual development (and a price many might not be willing to pay) - and of course this is not the case.

Also, I think many people like to see what’s going on behind the scenes - whether or not they want to edit the code. I don’t think a screenshot or two of code view or split screen would deter people; it might impress some who would otherwise assume Wappler is a sort of ‘black box’, perhaps producing a mess of untouchable spaghetti code (which is not at all the case).

One other minor point - for those who check the source code, perhaps it would be better to be using a current version of Bootstrap rather than 4.0.0 (which was released a year ago).


I agree with Tom, Wappler is the best of both worlds. It is not only a visual web developer tool, it also has a lot to offer for people that code HTML and JavaScript themselves.

Bootstrap in Wappler is currently on 4.1.3, it is possible that the templates still use 4.0.0.


I think this is perfect as it is not too ling it gives a very good idea of what Wappler is all about.

Buy the way, great punch line:



Although I like the last pitch line, I have to agree with @TomD that we should go for absolutely no coding.

So I was thinking to change it something like

The All In One Visual Solution for designers, front-end and back-end developers
The Ultimate Productivity Tool for freelancers

Or is it too targeted? And by that limited


When I wrote this line I was thinking of it as a “Slogan” line, that need to be very short while being very explicative and attractive.
That’s one important thing I learned in marketing course (a long time ago but still effective and up-to-date).

The line you are suggesting is very interesting as a more explicative line while not too long to read.
It tell shortly what Wappler is and that is very important as now people are lazy and they want to know right away what it is and what you can do with it. It give the taste to visitors to go further into knowing if Wappler could be THE ultimate tool they can use for their projects.


I think that sounds good. You’ve included the visual aspect which is obviously attractive, but also mentioned developers - so it sounds like serious software, with a potentially wide appeal.

Perhaps the second line is a little targeted. It certainly is ideal for freelancers, but needn’t be limited to them.