Wappler and Framework 7 documentation

documentation is lacking more explanations on how to use Framework 7 for example when you generate a mobile site with the template in wappler adding any link does not work unless you go to routes.js and add it in there, if this is done automatic I got no idea what is the sequence I should be following and any one without development skills would have no idea to edit the routes.js page, how can we add dynamic content to framework 7 theres nothing yet here about it, how to add google maps into framework 7 app, for example?

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We have covered the base here:


and more will be coming up soon.

Dynamic Data and binding is just the same as with regular forms so see:


Also I would suggest a good reading of the Framework7 possibilities and structure as well at:


Routes can be quite specific for Framework7 now so those need to be defined by yourself indeed.

Read about routes at:


Further more you can just use AppConnect and also the App Connect components as Google Maps.
You just need to add App Connect as framework first next to the Framework7

Thank you George, so how would be the steps to add security provider to a framework 7 page? When i click on the index the security provider it opens a popup windows but empty?

As you are building a mobile app and not a php page, the security provider enforcer is not available.

You will be just securing your data feeds with the security provider restrict.

See also:

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