How to add dynamic data to a mobile app?

What is the recommended way to add dynamic data etc to a mobile app when you can’t add a Server Model to an App?

Well easy! You define two projects in Wappler. One for your mobile app that you deploy as app and one for you Server Connect API that you deploy as website.

From the app projects you just select the server connect actions from the API project!

So this way you have your native app that pulls data and performs actions on your back-end site

That's pretty much what I expected as it was that way in DW. However there doesn't appear to be any way to add any server connect options to the app in Wappler. At least I can't find any way.

Well just add app connect first :slight_smile:

Oh for heavens sake. What a rookie mistake.

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I have done as you instructed and 2 projects are running. But how do I for instance import the form fields from app project pages into the server connect API project to create my login screen?

@George So I guess I just copy the api folder from the server project into the app project to test if it works and then change the links to https://link_to_api_folder_on_backend.php before packaging?

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Well if you have defined remote target in the API project with Web URL actions will be auto prefixed with the full url when used from the mobile app project


Thx. Will give this a try @George. I guess how to’s for this still in the making.

@George I only see this when going into the mobile project.

So somewhere I just do not understand what you mean with the setup. Is there any way you can put it:

Step 1: Do this
Step 2: do next

I seem to be clueless with the above setup.


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Hello @pixlapps
You need to do:

  1. Create a mobile project.
  2. Create a normal web project, it will be used to deliver data to the mobile project.
  • Make sure to setup a target and its url properly.
  • In the normal web project setup all your actions.
  1. Open the mobile app project. Add app connect, then add server connect component:

  2. Click the select action button and from the dropdown change to the normal web project:

  3. Select the action you need.


Thanks @Teodor! Legend! Step 4 was the mistery to me. Now it all makes sense!


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Would this also be the way to share a database between a web app and multiple mobile apps for different platforms? Sorry if this is a rookie question, but I can’t find anywhere on the forum how to create a (hybrid) responsive web app that can also be deployed as native apps without using a third party native wrapper. It seems this either is really complex to achieve or super easy (using this method) and I am just not getting it :grimacing:

I’m happy to report it is a simple as dropping down a list and selecting your source Project as the remote data source. We have this working across multiple platforms including web, mobile, and desktop.


Thanks for your reply @Dave!
So, it appears to be as super easy as I was hoping for :partying_face:

So starting a separate mobile app (type) project as described here would only be required when one wants to build a mobile-only app, without a web/desktop version, am I right @Teodor?