Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 15 Released

Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 15 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 6.0.0 Beta 15 from your Account Dashboard
Latest stable version is also available there.

Note: Wappler Beta runs as a separate app, so you can have both stable and beta installed, but please run them one at the time.

What’s New

In this Wappler beta we have further fine tuned our new Multiple Layouts feature and also improved the Resource Manager to be able to generate SSH keys per project and also add them to the SSH Agent automatically on project open.

We have also improved the Database Templating feature, see Creating and Using Database Templates

Also the Wappler UI is finetuned to be more consistent.

Resource Manager

  • Allow generating SSH keys per Project
  • Add the project related SSH keys to SSH Agent automatically on project open
  • Improved SSH key generation, picker of existing and information message when creating new user SSH Keys to backup them
  • Improved the Arm64 server selection when creating servers with Hetzner
  • Connect also new providers with a project specific SSH Keys
  • Make sure that SSH Agent is running when adding project specific SSH Keys. If not offer to start it on Windows.

Database Manager

  • Further improve the Database Templating feature
  • Improved saving database changes, prevent double execution resulting in locked migration table
  • Show references in sub tables, next to multi references also in basic mode.
  • Added option to unlock changes history to be able to unlock the history if it ever got locked by a bad change.

New Multiple Layouts

  • Improved working of preview editors
  • Implemented new visual layouts chooser menu
  • Improved focus management of multiple editors
  • Upload to local development target if needed
  • Improved icons

Database Table Data Editor

  • Improved filters working in the new tabs editors

Docker Targets

  • Improved “Test Connection” on remote docker targets to be able to connect with the new SSH Authorizations

Diff editor

  • Improved loading and focus


  • Small improvement to color picker swatches, still generates to many swatches from bootstrap variables but prevents incorrect color strings
  • Improved tabbing navigation in property inspectors
  • Improved styling of various panels and popups

Database Samples

  • Make sure the MySQL Countries sample has the same primary key type as the rest

Fixed issues