Wappler 5.8.1 Released

Wappler 5.8.1 Released

Check the new Wappler site at https://wappler.io/
and download Wappler 5.8.1 from your Account Dashboard

Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

In this Wappler update we have support great new cloud hosting technologies like the new Arm64 Servers from Hetzner.

With the Arm64 Ampere you can achieve at least twice the performance of Intel and Amd processors for even cheaper price! All this thanks to the great power efficiency and amazing Arm design. All major software like databases, NodeJS and PHP already support Arm64 natively so you should have no problems in running your existing apps on the new powerful servers.
See Hetzner announcement Rethink Your Cloud. Rely on our new Arm64 CAX Servers

Next our S3 support is now more fine tuned for NodeJS and also Wasabi is added as predefined S3 provider to pick from.

Further we have many polishments and updates, specially to the App Connect 2.0 beta extensions with even more components rewrites.

Resource Manager

  • Improve support for the new very powerful and cheaper Arm64 servers at Hetzner. Now you can see more clearly per server processor type and the difference between Intel, AMD and Arm64 Ampere
  • For Hetzner now you can choose the processor model Intel, AMD or Arm64. The available services are now filtered accordingly
  • Note the new Arm64 processors are currently only available at the Hetzner Falkenstein data center
  • Directly select the Docker Image for Hetzner for faster server creations.
  • Add also Open SSH Terminal command to the servers context menu
  • On running services show Destroy and Remove command on the context menu, to fully destroy the service
  • Improved service cleanup
  • When using Local Databases from Resource manager, generate direct database connections to them for local development

Project Options Editor in Tab

  • Improve saving and cooperation with the Resource Manager
  • Indicate the tab dirty state on any option change
  • clear dirty state on save

Docker targets

  • When Redis is used make the web container dependent from Redis so it starts only when Redis is started first, just like with the db container


  • Improved Wappler code signing process on Windows

S3 Connector

  • Added Wasabi as S3 service as predefined option
  • Added forcePathStyle option for S3 provider


  • Socket Redis adapter needs to wait until Redis is connected
  • Added a 60 seconds connection timeout to the Redis client (new client only had 5 seconds timeout)

App Connect 2.0 - beta 6

  • Updated to the latest core
  • Added small delay (requestAnimationFrame) before inserting nodes in DOM (preventing FOUC)
  • Set data of repeat in parent component
  • Use signalProxy in RepeatItem
  • Allow to set initial data on signalProxy
  • Removed the debounce for setting textnodes
  • Fixed: Multi select component didn’t get initial value
  • Do not trigger props update on initialization and update dynamic props directly
  • Updated repeater to work with the new optimization where props are directly available

App Connect Datastore 2.00 beta 2

  • Rewrite for App Connect 2
  • Will do less updates (only when needed)

App Connect Autocomplete 2.0 beta 2

  • Rewrite for App Connect 2

Animate CSS 3.0.0 Beta 1

  • Added support for App Connect 2.0
  • Updated core to Animate CSS 4.1.1 with many new animation and improvements

App Connect Data Traversal 2.0 - beta 2

  • Rewrite of data traversal components for App Connect 2 - now with much faster Data View

Fixed issues