Redis in 5.8.0 on Mac anyone having this behaviour?

Before I submit a bug report I am just trying to confirm this is not just a issue with my local machine.

Wappler 5.8.0 / Mac OS / Docker / Node Js / Postgres

After upgrading to Wappler 5.8.0 my localhost seems barely able to ever load my pages It will start showing the loading bar as browsers do when loading and then at about 1/5 of the actual browsers loading bar it will just get stuck and the page isn’t been loaded.

If I disable Redis in server connect settings it seems to be loading my pages and not hanging on the load just cant workout if this is a bug on my end or not?

Edit converted into bug report as seems it could be a bug below has things we tried and a error in the web server logs :smile:

Are you using any custom extensions that use Redis?

No all standard added by Wappler

Might be an issue with the new caching middleware if you still have old caching data in your redis db. Clear db 0 of your local redis instance and see if the pages load properly. This will clear your sessions as well.

How would I check this not much experience with Redis? I did destroy and recreate the Redis container for docker will that have cleared it?

We need to see the network tab of your browser, to see what exactly is loading and what isn’t

P.S.: I’m not experiencing this issue with the same tech stack

That depends on if you had a persistent volume or not. Best show us the network tab as apple suggested and your redis connection string.

It looks like it doesn’t even get chance to populate network it just has what the previous page was first screen shot is loading before container was deployed but then from there I refreshed once it was ready and as you can see the loading bar it just stops there randomly:

This is the containers running and trying to load from my browser startup page also stuck in the same pace

What does the Wappler web server logs show?

Ah looks like we might be getting closer we now have a error message:

I have been getting similar errors. If you are using Docker, try stopping and restarting the local Docker node server. If that doesn’t work, restart Wappler. There seems to be a timing issue with Redis not restarting when node server restarts after a page is saved.

Ok, so we also need to see your Docker dashboard, to see if the Redis container is running. If not using Docker Desktop, the docker ps command also works

P.S.: To clarify guptast’s post above, Redis never restarts after you save a page, that’s just NodeJS. What could be happening is NodeJS tries to use Redis stuff before it has a chance to connect to it (race condition). However, because we’re seeing a timeout in the NodeJS logs, this can’t be a race condition issue

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Here is my Docker Dashboard containers for this project:

I’ve exhausted all my help abilities regarding this issue. Good luck :wink:

(probably a bug)

Thanks all for taking a look ill convert this topic into a bug report for the team to have a look over :slight_smile:

Can you share your connection string?

And you can try if this helps Socket Error in Library Actions

Have you executed “deploy” on this target so that the new node modules get installed? Or at least “install node modules” command from the bottom publishing toolbar.

I tried installing updating deploying etc

I’ll have a look at this and get the string when I’m near my Mac again in a little bit if it is still needed by then :grin: