Wappler 4.5.1 Released

Wappler 4.5.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Working with local NodeJS projects in Wappler gets huge productivity boost!

Wappler now includes all the Node modules and includes a full functional NodeJS Server out of the box!
When you got your new Mac with the new powerful Apple M1 Arm processor, you can get started with the native Wappler, straight away, without the need to install any additional software!
Wappler and its native modules are fully optimized for Apple M1 Arm and approved and Notarized by Apple!

So no longer you need to install NodeJS separately and all the node modules per project - it is now all included in Wappler. Using the new Wappler built-in NodeJS server is a breeze now - just choose it as deployment option. Note you can always choose the “own server” deployment option to use your own system installed NodeJS and project modules. See how easy it is to get started Setting Up a Lightweight Dev Environment with NodeJS and SQLite

Furthermore we have greatly improved stability and Wappler memory usage! So it should run smooth and very fast.

Local NodeJS Projects

  • Batteries included! Now Wappler includes a full functional NodeJS Server! So no external Node is required for developing and running local sites!
  • Running new NodeJS projects has never been easier! No more installing the same node modules for each local project!
  • Include new local node express server in Wappler!
  • Just choose in the project targets to use “Wappler” as hosting so the local Wappler node server is used.
  • Local NodeJS project now do not need to install any node modules - they run out of the box directly!
  • Hide node modules management icons as you don’t need node_modules when running Wappler Local NodeJS Server
  • If you want custom node modules or to run external NodeJS Server - choose in target options to use deployment “own server”
  • Removed requirements of system installers like Scoop for Windows or Homebrew for Mac, when using local nodeJS projects

Built-in Wappler NodeJS Server

  • Close any running local servers on project switch or close down
  • Empowered our own native file watcher for intelligent auto restart of the local NodeJS Server when relevant files change.

Project Manager

  • Create new projects default with NodeJS and local Wappler hosting for easy development


  • Improved cleanup of unused node modules

Project Assets Updater

  • Improved updating NodeJS assets to be more efficient and quick
  • New Server Connect files are now always copied and only updated files need confirmation.
  • Optimize loading speed of the UI dialog


  • Improved inline update of Wappler on MacOS. Now it preserves the file dates so that Bootstrap is not reinstalled again and again and also shows the installation progress window on top so it is always visible.
  • Improve About and Shortcuts dialogs when Wappler is in fullscreen on MacOS
  • Renamed “Hosting” to “Deployment” in the project options and targets to indicate more clearly about where your site runs.
  • The new Wappler Local Server is now available for NodeJS projects as Deployment type
  • Update Electron to the latest version

Server Connect

  • Improved Server Connect UI loading speed and memory usage
  • Improved json request parsing in PHP to handle utf BOM escape

Fixed issues