Theme requires rebuild after Wappler update

Wappler Version :4.4.5
Operating System : mac intel
Server Model:
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

The theme should be maintained across Wappler updates

Actual behavior

With each Wappler update, the theme must be re-generated

How to reproduce

Previously reported as fixed (cannot find original bug report) but this is still broken for me on Mac Intel 4.4.5


I looked for the original bug report as well. But this is still definitely an issue with 4.5.0. I am also on a Mac if that makes a difference.

Did Wappler project updater offered you updated Bootstrap files when you opened the project?

Are you using git with the project and recently checkout or reverted some of the bootstrap files?

Yes … Bootstrap 4 if that makes a difference.

I use GIT for backups but have never done a checkout or revert.

This happens in all projects.

EDit: Same issue with Bootstrap 5 sites.

Yep, still happens for me. There was a release (maybe 5 or 6 versions ago?) which said it was fixed but it’s never been sorted. Every time I open a project after a Wappler update it goes back to the default bootstrap theme. I only have to click the rocket icon to sort it, and that’s become a routine now, but if my target is dev then it uploads the plain theme and I have to them re-upload the custom one.

Git shows the changed file until I click the rocket icon which then causes Git to no longer show it as it’s back to how it was before.


I recall @George saying that it does a date/time check and sees the new Wappler files as newer so uses those instead but if we’re using custom themes then this check needs to be ignored.

Ok found the problem!

Seems it was in the inline update! When you updated Wappler inline then the dates got reset.

So it is fixed now.

To get it you will need to download the next update manually and after that inline update will work fine.


This has been fixed in Wappler 4.5.1

As George explained:

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