Wappler 4.0.0 Beta 7 Released

Wappler 4.0.0 Beta 7 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 3.9.9 is still available
You can use both at the same time

What’s New

In this beta we have greatly improved the Server Connect Editor, based on your feedback!
Now once open, the Server Connect Editor smartly reuses the tabs in a new “preview” mode. So as long as you don’t make any changes, Server Connect actions are loading in the same “preview” tab.
The preview tab can be recognized by its title in italic case.

So keep on testing - your feedback is very valuable to us.

Server Connect Editor

  • Open Server Connect actions in a reusable preview tab on select. Only when the action is edited, the tab will become permanent, otherwise it will be reused for other server actions previews. This will greatly improve usability and editor tab management.
  • When editing the server connect action - set the “edited” dot in the tab title
  • Save the edited server connect action with the menu or ctrl+s and clear the edited state
  • Added custom icon for the Server Connect editor tab
  • Improve displaying edited state
  • Show the “preview” tab name in italic style to indicate it is in preview mode

Stripe Connector

  • Improved Stripe API actions to handle correctly objects with sub actions like pay, cancel etc.
  • Improved also their naming to start with the sub action name

App Connect Swiper

  • Added rendered event to swiper