Beta 7: The Server Connect Editor Thoughts

The re-usable tab does work. But when an action is edited it does not become a permanent tab. It remains a preview tab even after saving the action. If this works like I understand it will from the notes I think it would be a good reason to move to tabs and remove the current panels in v3.

I do not get the edited blue dot at all. No indication at all that the Sc has been edited. I would also like to see a check to see if we want to save before closing tab or selecting another SC.

Works, but there is no edited state to clear as mentioned above.

Again, no blue dot indicated it has been edited.

Overall, if this works the way I understand i t will be a good thing. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

I’m on a Mac if that matters.


Ok, I have narrowed it down. The above issues only happen when ‘removing a step’ from your action. When adding a step or editing a current step it seems to work as expected. I do like it.

This part is going to hurt me the most. :wink: I have to admit that @JonL was on the right track with tabbed SC workflows. And the fact that we need to get rid of the query builder modal as well. :beers:


If only my wife were like you! :joy:

Glad you are liking it! We are going to be so much more productive with this new approach.

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yeah, modals must go.


but put it on the pane first, pls.

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