Wappler 3.9.3 Released

Wappler 3.9.3 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

This week we bring you the power of full custom payment solutions with Stripe!

Now you can build custom checkout forms, with your own branding and rich input elements for the different payment methods.
Handle payments directly on your website, fully secure thanks to the Stripe!
You are using the Stripe services on the background without the need to store any sensitive credit card info! See Stripe Custom Checkout Forms

Also please welcome a new Server Connect addition for Data Transformations!
Now you can easily combine different data sources, add, rename or remove columns!
Very useful to combine for example your Shopping Cart Data from a Database Query or API Data Source! See Join Results of 2 Data Collections

Stripe Integration

  • NEW: Build full custom checkout forms with Stripe Elements! Fully integrated in App Connect and Bootstrap 4 and 5 forms!

  • NEW: Dynamic Stripe Checkout Form. Convert any form to a Stripe Checkout form to automatically submit to a Server Connect action to create a payment intent and directly charge the payment afterwards!

  • NEW: Stripe Payment Method toggle Control - Now you can let the user choose their payment method and toggle automatically the appropriate stripe elements for it!

  • NEW: Server Connect Templates for Create Checkout Session, Payment Intents and Setup Intents. Now it is more easy to insert those actions and their required output and error handling with a single click!

  • Added payment methods choice with the Create Payment Intent and Setup Intent

  • Added the Bootstrap Elements controls at the end

  • Improved NodeJS retrieval functions with dynamic parameters of the Stripe API

  • Improved PHP retrieval functions of the Stripe API

  • Add support for single queries as line items for Create Checkout Session

  • Added Bootstrap styling to the Stripe Elements when Bootstrap is used

  • Improved rendering and refreshing of the Stripe Payment Methods chooser element in Wappler design view

  • Improved defaults on UI

  • Improved create Session checkout to accept all kind of line items. A single price, or a Price/Quantity object or array of those.

  • fixed webhooks event names case

Server Data Transformations

  • NEW! Add easy transformation actions for your data collections.
  • Add, Remove or Rename columns of existing datasets
  • Join different datasets by matching column
  • Specify different join columns
  • Filter columns can add or remove specified columns by using the keep option
  • Added help texts

Bootstrap 4 Generators

  • Improved working in SPA and Content pages, so State Managers from the head page can be chosen for example

NodeJS and App Connect Data Pickers

  • Allow picking data from NodeJS partial includes from the parent content page or main page.


  • Improved the Wappler logo on the Mac to be more in Big Sur style

Bug Fixes