BS4 Generator State Manager Does not Populate from Main Page in SPA Content Page

Wappler Version : 3.5.7
Operating System : Windows 10
Server Model: ASP .NET
Database Type: MSSQL
Hosting Type: Localhost IIS

Expected behavior

State manager should populate the list from query managers etc created on the main page and not only the ones on content page.

Actual behavior

How to reproduce

  1. Create a query manager (query1) on main page.
  2. Create a new server action with pages query content page.
  3. You can populate the SORT, OFFSET etc GET params via action picker and select the bindings from query manager of main page (, or simply query.sort, query.offset etc.)
  4. Create a new bootstrap 4 table generator, select the same server connect as in step 2, but the state manager does not show query1 from main page (as shown in screen shot above).
  5. Same is the issue for bootstrap 4 pagination generator.

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