Wappler 2.8.4 Released

Wappler 2.8.4 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Basic Bootstrap 4 theming not enough for you?

Well here is the Advanced theming in our new Theme Manager - with great power for you! Now you can go in an advanced more and customize every possible Bootstrap 4 variable setting!

Choose from the hundreds of nicely organized in groups Bootstrap 4 theming variables. You are in control of every possible aspect of Bootstrap 4!
Check the new guide about Using the Advanced Options in the Theme Manager

Next to the improvements for Theme Manager, we also have done a great cleanup of the memory usage of Wappler!
Now it should be even faster than before and use much less memory!

We have also fixed many bugs that you have reported on our community.

Theme Manager

  • Implemented new Advanced Mode! Now you can go for full customization of all Bootstrap 4 theme variables in the new advanced mode.
  • Fixed theme reset
  • Improved darkly theme styling, specially the tables and cards
  • Grouped Advanced Variables display
  • Great Dark theme improvements - all look fantastic now thanks to the new advanced variables
  • Include The App Connect Bootstrap 4 Popovers and Tooltips in the Theme Preview file.
  • When clicking on “Open Design Preview” - the preview file will be updated if newer is available.
  • Updated the styling for the popovers and tooltips in the Darkly theme
  • Improved theming with custom variables overriding the defaults. Custom variables have now higher priority

App Connect

  • Improved partial refreshing of the App Structure tree
  • Compare Numbers better - fixes issue #19653
  • Parse dynamic attributes directly on render instead of waiting for update - fixes issue #19651
  • Fixed Data Binding pickups for Data Details when not using the new visual expression builder

App Connect Summernote

  • Fixed double events display on UI

App Connect Flow

  • Added grid for the function arguments for the Run JavaScript action
  • Made the App Connect Flow editor dialog bigger and improve layout
  • Improved the Visual Expressions Builder with the inline flows

Server Connect

  • Improve Server Connect grid inputs, like the API Connector, when Visual Expression builder is on
  • Improved data structure to always display the data from both then and else branches of the conditional step

FTP Manager

  • Fixed upload of single files when their containing folder didn’t exists on remote yet and experimental features were on.