Wappler 2.5.6 Released

Wappler 2.5.6 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

Huge Wappler update this week! We have great new hosting option for new users, empowering Google Firebase Hosting.
Now you can setup free hosting with just a few clicks to get your project online!
Google Firebase Hosting is currently available as preview under the experimental options.
Check the tutorial how to use Google Firebase Hosting in Wappler

Also we have finalized the new Data Store component we extra smart actions and events!
Check the full tutorial about how to create an amazing Shopping Cart with Data Store

We have also switched Wappler to the latest Chrome 80 engine, so you will experience more speed and stability.

Also many improvements and bug fixes have been done based on your reports in our community!

Google Firebase Free Hosting

  • Now you can create a new Wappler project and choose to the hosting type to be Google Firebase Hosting
  • Bring your Wappler site live in a single click!
  • New Init and deploy project actions
  • Local Web Server for testing
  • Now as experimental feature and a dedicated toolbar
  • With Firebase login, logout project init and deployment
  • Auto create two targets for Google Firebase Hosting projects - development and production
  • Google Firebase Hosting has now fully automated setup
  • automatically login to Firebase after project creation

Project Manager

  • Added support for new custom web root folder! So now you can have the web root in a subfolder of your project. Useful if you are using Google Firebase Hosting and have separate www public folder
  • Added hosting type in the web project options
  • Correctly copy thumbnail when in different web root folder

Docker Manager

  • Improve Docker target test connection for initial setup

Frameworks Include

  • Improved includes of different versions of the frameworks
  • Prevent double includes
  • Correct the right include order for App Connect components with dependencies
  • Remove general javascript blocks reordering

Project Manager

  • Included predefined settings for frameworks on all new projects. Now per default App COnnect is always included so you can directly see its components to insert!
  • Fixed Deleting multiple projects after each other
  • Improved creation of folders for categorization of projects

Database Connector and Updater dialogs

  • Updated dialogs in database connector and updater
  • Fixed order not updating table name when setting alias
  • A lot of extra validation op open
  • Allow user to change tables/columns when they don’t exist

Code Editor

  • Added options for hover in code editor

Design View

  • Refresh App Structure inspector after Device View change to reflect the responsive options

Routing Manager

  • Fixed generation of page routes for web projects


  • Improved file saving for local projects with custom web root folder
  • allow include file paths to be full urls on unsaved document
  • correct the include paths on save
  • Improved Windows 10 signing
  • Improved MacOS installer with improved Starter Projects including predefined frameworks

Bootstrap 4

  • List group with flush can also be made a repeat region now

Framework 7

  • Added new text colors for the most text elements
  • Regular colors available as special element color
  • Fixed text align classes

App Connect

  • Render unknown App Connect nodes as with regular HTML node inspectors.
  • Finally made the dynamic “changed” event trigger on user interaction also on checkboxes and radios, next to regular inputs
  • Improved Actions picker layout
  • Optimized selection

App Connect Data Store

  • Added new option to use session storage
  • Added new action for Updater or Insert Records
  • Added Dynamic Events for Inserted, Updated or Deleted of records
  • Made the field prompts to be exactly the same as originally defined in schema

App Connect Google Maps

  • Improved marker info display

Server Connect

  • Implemented server in the data picker
  • Made the Input field prompts to be exactly the same as originally defined in schema
  • Added color icons for the Server Connect Action Files tree
  • Added an “Server Actions” root for easier sub folder creation
  • Make context menu and the files action toolbar more context aware
  • Fixed Server Connect Load action Cache Reload option

Api Data Source & State Management

  • Made the field prompts to be exactly the same as originally defined in schema

App Connect Data Traversal

  • Improved rendering of the data detail component


  • Fixed special case of setting attributes on SSI
  • Fixed overlapping ranges error when using themed components
  • Fixed the popup order in Data Validator

But wait there is more!

Wappler 2.5.6

A small weekend update for your peace of mind to fix some urgent bugs you reported in the community.


  • Improved the code view and design view syncing process
  • Added validation to the JSON data in Server API Connector
  • Automatically add component includes to the main page, when added on Content Pages
  • Improved the HTML tag inspectors for link tags in App Structure properties or DOM Panel


  • Make SSI (Server Side Includes) to be always document relative
  • API provider refresh panel on data type change
  • Fixed Route and Assets picker dialog order
  • Fixed lost content in Content pages when adding components