Wappler 1.9.8 Released


Wappler 1.9.8 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Another great update of all the upcoming experimental features!
Next to fully implementation of the inline text editing in the new design view, we now also have an awesome looking new Assets Manager! Now you can finally manage and use all your project images from a single place.
Super easy for image picking!

Note: The new Assets Manager is also available under the experimental features only. So make sure you enable them first under the options, system settings

And last but not least we have a full automatic links conversion on save! No more wrong links when you save your page somewhere else!

Assets Manager (experimental)

  • New Assets Manager side panel! Now you can fully manage and use your site assets in a new visual way
  • Ultra fast performance thumbnail cache generation
  • Assets folder tree is now fully manageable when opened as panel
  • Assets panel also fully watches file system for changes - so if new files are placed in the folders they auto appear
  • Full drag and drop support - now you can drag images from windows explore/ mac finder and drop them to the assets manager panel!

Design View Rebuild (experimental)

  • Inline text editing finalized, now with great toolbar
  • Many improvements in selection display
  • New design view options to for displaying of the highlights
  • More shortcut keys available in design view
    • H - toggle margin and paddings view
    • E - toggle extended lines
    • G - toggle grid
    • F2 - edit text
    • all other keys as previously used

Design Blocks (experimental)

  • Many more design blocks implemented


  • Full automatic link conversion on save! Now when you use save as or change the project link type from Document Relative to Site Root Relative, all links, image and include links are automatically adjusted!
  • Implemented special image pickers, for picking image only files
  • do not require a page to be saved first before you can pick images, as all links are corrected on save now

Insert Elements context panel

  • save the views type per panel type, for the insert elements panel as well server connect, dynamic attributes and events

Updated extensions

  • Improved App Connect repeating region
  • Improved Image Resizer
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