Wappler 1.9.1 Released


What’s New

It is finally here - full Client Side Routing! Now you can fully build those SPA (Single Page Apps) that load their content partially on demand!
So site and apps performance is blazing! And user experience superb as no full page refreshes are needed and everything is loaded partially on demand.
Together with the Server Side Routing you can even create Hybrid SPA/MPA where your site URL’s work directly! No matter how called!

Next to that we have great UI improvements like wide right side panels! Great for your 27+ inch screens with a lot of real estate - you can now have the App Structure and Properties as two columns next to each other! Just resize the panel to be much wider and see the results!

And of course we have a lot of improvements and bug fixes thanks to the great feedback of our Wappler Community!


  • Greatly improved speed on loading Wappler’s panels. Switching and resizing is much faster now, giving you a quick performance boost
  • Improved the “del” key for quick deletion in the App Structure and Server Connect trees. Now after delete of the of the selected element the selection nicely moves to the one above
  • Added ctrl-tab and ctrl-shift-tab for switching tabs

Client Side Routing and SPA

  • New App Connect Routing component for inline page routing and dynamically loading of content
  • Auto add client side sub routes on page save, to the global routes and generate routing
  • Extended the Move Content option to support for Server Side Includes and the new client side Content Pages
  • Implemented local page links picking with the route picker
  • Save and sync the local page routing - to the global routing file on save of the page
  • Improved link rewriting for SPA links. Now all local links (links starting with ./ ) are well expanded and also visible this way for Google indexing
  • Allow even # hash links to be used with the routing
  • Make routes fully loadable and selectable in design view! When selected in the App Structure panel - the route is loaded!
  • Added events to the App Connect Route component for error, not authorized, forbidden and not found
  • Added loading state to the App Connect Route component
  • Extended also the web.config routing generator for IIS to support SPA page routes
  • Added also option to create new content page straight from the App Connect Route component. The create content page auto includes all frameworks used on the main page and also links it together

Routing Panel

  • Improved routes loading and save
  • Added Generate Routing Rules icon in the Routing Manager toolbar, to force rules file generation
  • Added more messages checks to the Upload Routes File icon, to only do remote target upload, based on the current selected target
  • Allow new page creation from the route manager
  • Improved page open and also the double click on the routes tree to open the associated route page

App Structure Panel

  • New Wide App Structure and Properties panel! Just resize and make the panel wider and it will become two columns!

Design, Styles and DOM Tree Panel

  • Optimized for wider multi columns view

Server Connect Panel

  • Fixed renaming of new generated file or folder in Server Connect
  • Server Connect - allow deleting only of own steps and variables
  • Optimization in rendering speed of the App Connect and Server COnnect panels

Insert Elements and Server Connect actions insert menus

  • Made wider layout so more icons can fit horizontally
  • Improved list/icons view toggle

Project Options

  • Improved project targets refresh on the publishing panel, after adding new ones in the project settings

App Connect

  • Changed icons for the title, inner text and html dynamic attributes

Framework 7

  • Added App ID for Framework 7 Content Pages
  • Added all routing properties for the different route types in Framework 7

Database Updater

  • Fixed auto generation of $_POST fields on update forms when used as multi update records
  • Retain the case of the database fields when generating $_POST variables

Extension Updates

  • App Connect Browser update - now supporting the new Routing links in the browser.goto method
  • Update Swiper component for better dynamic refreshing
  • Updated Validator Unicode for better handling of unicode options
  • Improved Bootstrap 4 Navigation - to toggle the active nav item also for client side routing, when no page refresh is done but content areas are updated effecting the links


  • Fixed swatches in color picker being duplicated
  • Fixed color dropdowns on the Mac
Dynamically load pages into a DIV
closed #2
made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #3
removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #4