Wappler 1.8.2 Released


What’s New

Welcome the new Design Panel in the latest Wappler update! Finally fully responsive custom styling - visually at your disposal! Also great new UI changes like Collapsible Right Panel and many Mobile Apps building improvements.

New Design Panel

  • We are happy two present you the new Design Panel - now you can style any elements with its powerful controls and all the CSS will be auto generated for you! Also full support for media queries and element states!
  • The styling for different devices (with media queries) is auto determined based on the currently selected preview device in Design View.
  • The new Design Panel still needs to be enabled as the global options / system / experimental - for you to try it out. When we ironed all the bugs your report - we will fully enable it officially, probably in the next update.

Collapsible Right Panel

  • Now you can collapse the right panel to icons, to save space on preview. Clicking on one of the icons will show the requested panel.


  • Great speed improvements to all panels and Wappler elements
  • Accessibility improvements to all panels - now you can use tab navigation to go from control to control and every control has a clear focus state.

Server Connect

  • Improved moving of empty server action folders
  • disallow moving in the same folder
  • check if same file exists in destination exists and warn

Project Manager

  • Solved switching projects error when server connect was refreshed first.

Bootstrap 4 Table Generator:

  • Added new column type field to choose between dynamic attribute binding, inner text expression or custom html as column value.
  • Improved to retain any custom html that might have being used as column value.

File Manager

  • Fixed move in fileManager.

Framework 7:

  • Fixed link actions for opening and closing panels, popover, popups and login screen
  • Extend the buttons types to contain also input buttons and regular button tags
  • Added more button types: fill, small, raised, outline
  • Added buttons segment control
  • Improved links within tab, navbar and toolbar
  • Added Flex align to card header and footer
  • Added card content padding to card content
  • Added card outline to card
  • Improved content pages with template tag in them
  • Added more icons options like, size and make various for iOS only or MD only
  • Improved rendering of Framework 7 content pages directly in design view and also live navigation to them
  • Various speed optimizations in design view

Mobile Apps with Cordova

  • Added Cordova Info and Update options to the Mobile publishing toolbar
  • Update of platforms - always does not full refresh by removing the old one and installing fresh new one
  • Fixed Open Android studio on the Mac
  • Improved Xcode 10 support for building for iOS with Cordova on the Mac
  • Fix running iOS emulator on Mac ( was getting Info.plist not found error)

Database Connector & Updater

  • Improved Database connection option for mySQL and PHP for prepared statements
  • Improve the Database Updater dialog and grid for better insertion of fields

Extension Updates

  • Google Maps 1.0.4
    • Improved dynamic markers (repeated items can now use $index)
    • Only remove dynamic markers (static markers are not removed)

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:ok_hand:t5::white_check_mark: Thank you so much for collapsible right panel! That decreases the need of switching everytime to browser publish mode and very useful for smaller screens. Screens cant be big enough!


Thank you @George , @patrick , @Teodor


Thanks, nice improvements.

Can you please implement x-www-formencoded for PUT calls in the next update? @patrick


add a feature request, otherwise its getting unstructured or forgotten :crazy_face:


Wow great improvement and great work!

Among the features I could not wait to see was this one: "styling for different devices based on the currently selected preview device in Design View. Awesome :slight_smile:

Thank you Wappler team!

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1.8.2 Design Panel - working strategy

Did not get a change to try out the file renaming/moving options added in server connect yet. Will probably do it today. Excited to try out the new design panel!! :star_struck:

More keyboard control. :+1:

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #10

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