Wappler 1.5.3 Released

What’s New

This week we are introducing a major new component to Wappler - API Data Source! Finally you can connect and get your data from external data API’s and render it on your page dynamically with App Connect!

Also design and code view have being greatly improved based on the Wappler Community feedback

New components

  • New API Data Source component! Connect to any API and use the data on your pages. Visually setup the parameters and headers and fetch the output of the remote API in a couple of clicks. Easily access and use the data from popular APIs like Unsplash, Behance, Coinbase, Fixer.io or any other custom API. Add real-time data to your charts, create dynamic galleries with multiple filters or just use the schema as a repeat region source.


  • Improved insert Frameworks menu, to correctly shows the frameworks and their versions. Also added CDN and Local filters where available.
  • New file type to create: Content Pages - so you can start creating those partial Wappler includes! Available under the new tab dropdown.

Design View

  • Greatly improved synchronization between codeview and design view.
  • Improve design view refreshing of dynamic app connect components, like masonry, slideshow and google maps.
  • Improved redirects in Design view - so login forms and redirects works.
  • Implemented handling of files having site root absolute paths.
  • Greatly improved rendering of local and remote files!

Code View / Split View

  • Fixed linter having incorrect line offset with server-side code on page.

Bootstrap 4

  • Allow bootstrap 4 checkboxes and radios to be inserted everywhere not just in groups.
  • Allow per default Bootstrap 4 checkbox and radio controls - so they have labels.
  • Lifted any limits for the number of nested containers in headers, footers and main in Bootstrap 4.
  • Allow bootstrap 4 input fields to be inserted outside forms.

Updated Extensions

  • Improved Data Validator dialog styling
  • Updated the App Connect Data Formatters - to include object formatters
  • Improved Server Connect repeater handling conditional

Database Connector & Updater

  • Correctly remove condition from table in database updater


  • Fixed error in code view then typing PHP in the beginning of the page
  • Fixed the Framework 7 insert elements menu to contain the right icons. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

@George Amazing!!! Thanx so much! Yess yesss API



Downloaded, installed, and opened already, Thank you so much.

Fantastic updates this week. I love the API. Love it. @psweb and I can really create some crazy stuff now!

It really blows my mind how you guys are able to really implement such large additions every week. Wappler has a very strong team behind it, and I’m very glad that myself and others get to be a part of the journey that is going to make Wappler the standard in web development & design. Great job!


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I just have to tell the Wappler team that this new API connector is the best thing that could have happened to me in the Wappler environment.
You have made it so very simple to get whatever i want integrated into my sites, absolutely brilliant job.
Thank you.


Definately improvement on stability on mac.