Use the API Data Source to connect to Concur

I’m clueless when it comes to API’s, I build event/conference registration web sites where on registration they often get a link to Concur to book their own flights, the client would have an account set up with Concur and they would send us csv files to import the flight data (flight, dates, departure and arrival times, airport, ect…)

I would have a travel table and match up to each record by email address to the registration table. This is always a problem because the constant changes, flight delay and cancellations and varying csv data fields to import.

Lots of registration web services (like CVENT) have an api with concur so everything is always up to date instantly and no imports.

Is this something I could accomplish easely with wappler?
This would be awesome if I could do this.


It looks like some AUTH / LOGIN is needed before doing anything else. Maybe we need to wait till Oauth/Advanced header Options for API is available…