Wappler 1.5.0 Released

What’s New

Well the Wappler Dev Team is on the roll! We reached a huge milestone now with Wappler 1.5!

So many new features are waiting for you to be explored. All based on the community feedback!
From the huge speed gain in Wappler, The New Split View and all new components, to totally rewritten Bootstrap 4 handling and Property Inspectors!

Wappler Bootstrap 4 integration

Unrestricted Bootstrap 4

Wappler now recognizes any Bootstrap 4 structures directly. So even the most complicated Bootstrap 4 templates will be quickly recognized and made editable in Wappler.
You can clearly see their structure in the App Structure panel.

Brand New Bootstrap 4 Inspectors

New Margin and Padding options
We have totally redesigned now the Margin and Padding controls to be fully draggable within the properties panel.


More details

New Text inspectors

More details

New Bootstrap 4 rows inspector, with presets, and rich elements
The row properties has being greatly improved and also offer you ready to go presets for the columns.
More details

New column inspectors with smart sliders
Many changes in the Bootstrap Column inspector, now with fancy sliders for easy resizing of the columns and specifying offset and order.
The sliders have also special values like auto and default next to the numeric values.

New container inspector with presets
Also the container element in Bootstrap has received an update for its inspector, now including full blown layouts!

Other Bootstrap 4 changes

  • Added variable presets for columns within row, all media query dependent
  • Implement multi cols creation in row
  • Implemented tag change in title and paragraph
  • New popover elements
  • Allow cards directly in flex containers

Responsive design - Mobile first design

Everything is controlled by the design view devices selection.
So most of the Bootstrap 4 property inspectors now are fully controlled by the selected device or if full size is selected than options are valid for all devices.


App Structure Rendering speed

The App Structure panel has received a great speed boost by improving the elements parser as well its inspector rendering.
Also the inspector is greatly simplified in some cases like for the responsive design with Bootstrap 4 now.

Wappler Speed improvements

Wappler Design View

We have many new options for displaying grid and rulers that can be controlled in the global options.

  • New Bootstrap 4 Grid drawing
  • Selection lines visualization
  • Highlights margins and padding
  • Show Rulers

  • Greatly improved speed on the selection in design view
  • Improved inline text editing in design view. Now we also have a special save and cancel buttons in the edit in place toolbar, as well control+s working.
  • Improved paste in inline text editing to paste the plain text only


Wappler Split View

The fully synchronized Wappler Split view works great and is super fast. It offers you a great overview of what is going on and how your HTML structure looks like.
You can select elements in design view, app structure panel or code view and the selection is filly synchronized, so you can see from design view for example the exact HTML code an element.

The same is also true when you change a property inspector you can see directly the the code part of split view the changes as well directly in design view.

The split view is a great way of learning Wappler and its integrated powerful frameworks like App Connect, Bootstrap 4 and Framework 7.
You can see exactly what the resulting code is about.

Code View

  • Great new Find & Replace dialogs integrated
  • Improved global key handling
  • Improved commenting
  • Improved HTML Validation and linting


New Extensions

  • Bootstrap 4 Popovers
  • App Connect Browser Control 2


  • Various Database fixes for ASP.net and Classic ASP
  • Improved html linting
  • Fixed theme picker for App Connect Charts

Wait - today is not Dec. 25th :smiley:

The Wappler development team makes just about every week feel like Xmas - thank you so much everyone!!!


Can’t you guys take a holiday for some weeks. I can’t keep up with this development speed :rofl:


Found a problem, the loading screen needs to change to


Thank you Wappler Team, this is really great.


Have to relearn wappler every week. That’s not a bad thing. :slight_smile:


Impressive guys :clap:


There are some really great features in this release. It’s amazing what you have added since the last update. The new layout and property inspector options are very clever.


‘Slowly’ but surely you ARE gonna take over the webdesign/webapplication software market. I love to see what a dedicated team is able to produce. Be proud of that… but please continue :slight_smile:


This is brilliant. It’s the little things that make the difference, and just having Wappler pickup complex Bootstrap structures properly has made things 10x easier to navigate around. Keep up the great work!!


Well we love to see some good use case screenshots :slight_smile: , specially with complicated Bootstrap structures! So feel free to post some!

@patrick , @George , @Teodor Wappler v.1.5.0 working so fasttttttt…
Thank you for your update :+1:

I think wappler will rewrite the rules of the game ,
Good Luck Wappler


Very nice work guys :+1:

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Parabens pessoal. Very good indeed! Thank you. Congratulations for this version. George eo team estão de parabens.

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I used to see something like this, basically, a load of columns Wappler didn’t recognise meaning there was a bit of guesswork and code editing involved.

Now all those columns turn into the things they should be and expand nicely allowing me to edit everything without going to the code view :slight_smile:


Looks great! Maybe if you can show also the design view of your great looking site, next to the app structure, people will really see the connection and how well it is improved :slight_smile:

Here goes! A lot of placeholder stuff currently on this page from the template but you get the drift… :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

This is my first post here.

EDIT: It was actually my error. I was looking in the wrong panel as seen in my follow up post below. So I removed my comment here to keep this thread cleaner.

Amazing work, amazing team, amazing all round! Congratulations on your latest release!


@George, Oops I apologize, I was mistakingly looking at the design panel.

Now I see it all, sorry for my confusion before posting the above inquiry.