Wappler 1.3.1 Released

Wappler 1.3.1 Released

What’s New

In this update we have introduced a new extension that has being a top request by all of you!
Please welcome the new App Connect Date Picker! Now you can fully utilize cross browser, fully responsive and also great looking date pickup control, not only for a single dates but also for full ranges!

The date picker is fully stylable with many themes included and also integrates great with Bootstrap 4.

Next to the awesome date picker, we have also added new framework called Moment, for full localization of the date view in 123 languages!

Last but not least we have some new additions to our experimental design panel: now you have new great looking and draggable border control widgets! Just as the ones for the padding and margins!

What’s New:


  • New App Connect Date Picker extension integrated
  • New Moment date localization formatting framework included

Bootstrap 4

  • Bootstrap 4 form inputs now can be extended with the Date Picker

Extension Updates

  • App Connect Data Formatter 1.1.5: Greatly improved date formatters for handling local dates and with App Connect Date Picker


  • Fixed Google Maps themes changing
  • Fixed changing Chart component type

Thank you for the new version. In the new version have datepicker. But no timepicker. Will you add a timepicker ?

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Hi George

Any info about the pwa feature/extension to share with us?