Wappler 1.2.3 Released

Wappler 1.2.3 Released

What’s New

Version 1.2.3

Now that we had our summer break, our dev team is fully up to speed! So we fixed all the reported issues by you and streamlined some processed. Wappler is as smooth as ever! Now that we have fixed those minor issues, we can focus on adding some more great stuff!

Bootstrap 4

  • Allow Data Traversal components like Data Detail, Conditional Region and Data Iterator to be applied to many Bootstrap 4 components like headers, containers and columns

Framework 7

  • Allow App Connect Dynamic Data also on dynamically loaded sub pages

Security Provider

  • added extra option to permissions to allow any permission

Database Connector

  • Improved Database joins operations
  • Improved working with multiple values in PHP

Code Editor

  • Improved turning html pages to code only pages by deleting their contents and adding code only
  • Do not auto indent tags on auto close tag


  • Fix open in Finder on the Mac
  • Fix adding links to current page in navbar
  • CSS panel freezing on rare occasion

Extension Updates

  • Data Traversal and Masonry: Allow easier integration with Bootstrap 4
  • Improved Bootstrap 4 Table Generator - vertical tables to include binding prefix
  • Server Connect - Fix Send Mail UI
  • Zip Processor - improved processing recursive folders

Subscriptions and Profile

  • Alert users about failed subscription payment

wappler so fast !!! @patrick , @Teodor , @George Thank you …

Good Job !!! :+1:


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