Wappler 1.2.2 Released

Wappler 1.2.2 Released

What’s New

A small update in between:

General Improvements

  • Updated help menu to show documentation in browser
  • Added community also in help menu

Security Provider

  • Correctly fill conditions column items
  • Correctly fill all the column lists in the grids of the security provider

Database Connector

  • Removing alias on joins should now work
  • Alias on joins work now

Version 1.2.1

Another update of Wappler specially for you based on your feedback. A lot of fixes are now included but we also extended greatly the Database Connector and Updater! Now you can use the Visual Query Builder even more powerful with the new conditional rules!

We also included monthly subscriptions and trials! So if you haven’t got your subscription yet, go get it now!

After this update our dev team will have a few weeks summer break. So expect the next update after that.
Of course our support team is always available, so keep on posting your feedback and issues here in the Wappler community forum.

General Improvements

  • App Structure: allow elements on the same level to be reordered by drag and drop even if there is a limitation for only one allowed.

Editor Improvements

Framework 7

  • Improved content blocks insertion and rendering in design view
  • Improved framework 7 forms

Project Manager

Database Connectivity

  • Now including conditional based queries. You can set a condition on any of the filter groups of the ViSual Query builder
  • Also the update fields on the Database update and insert queries can now depend on condition. This was you can do optional field updates
  • fill where condition for update/delete
  • Fixed error with table alias in database query

Extensions Updates

  • Security Provider: Added extra grouping conditions
  • Bootstrap 4 Form Generator - make unique server connect form id each time


  • Fixed style editor refresh
  • Fixes FTP to servers with given remote path
  • Fixed purchase when not logged in
  • Fixed upgrade button was shown on monthly Pro
  • Added extra information for trial and canceling subscription
  • Fixed logout and quit option
  • Fixed disabled items in the insert elements context menu
  • Prevent double file types in create new file dropdown.
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