Payment system integration, Stripe, PayPal

Hello George

Are there plans that you integrate a payment system like stripe & paypal with Wappler?

Yes definitely!

We are planing to integrate a full blown Stripe connector! It will have the front-end Stripe integration and integrate with our App Connect for dynamic data binding and the backend ( Stripe hooks) integration with our Server Connect.

But first few weeks summer break for our dev team to recharge and be able to create those beautiful things after that :slight_smile:


Hi George,

I know you guys must be flat out with stuff but is there any rough guide to when we might expect to see the stripe integration released? :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

The plan is to have it in about a month.

Do make a list of the most important features for you, so we can make sure we are absolutely on the right track. You can post it here.


Sounds good, I’m very eagerly looking forward to it!

I’ve added a feature request for SMS gateway integration :slight_smile:

That’s it for me for now. Thanks George!

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Many services offer API services.
API support has a wider use. if you use the API, we can use the sms or payment gateway ourselves.
this will be a more comprehensive solution.


Stripe intergration is great news. Just wondering if Paypal intergration is important too. Many clients are used to using Paypal and it will be great if there is an intregration component between Wappler and Paypal.


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Hi, as I see this is being planned and I am already working on Paypal integration for an ecommerece, do you have any timeframe? Maybe this way I will avoid implementing it manually if it is planned (let’s say for this or next week) and focus on other parts of the website I am developing :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hey Niko,
No it won’t be integrated in the next few weeks.
We got some features with higher importance to introduce first and I am sure you will absolutely love them :wink:

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@George Are you still planning a stripe module or is it now a case of we have server apis, do it yourself. Dont want to re-invent yhe wheel.

isnt it better to let the user do this since he have the tools?

Well I was about to say indeed that with all the great API integration - it can all be easily done.

if we eventually provide some server side integration - it will be just a template of server actions using the API’s

So you can try build it @Hyperbytes - and when you have the best practice - we will just make a template out of it :slight_smile:

We plan to do that with many server side, but also client side components and flows - create wizards and parametrized templates - maybe eventually also user generated.


I am no API programming expert but will happily share any experience i develop.

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Full Stripe integration has been added to Wappler 3.9.0