Wapper Academy

Hi! I am quite new to Wapper, but I am obsolutly love it soo far. Unfortunatly the accessibility for new users, who doesnt have a programming background is bad. I think more Wappler could get many more users, especially in the indiehacker community. However the tutorials and guides around the wappler ecosystem are horrible. Dont get me wrong, the docs are quite good, but have a look on youtube. If you compare it to bubble for example this problem gets even more clear.
I would be interested to work on modern, well explained Academy with projects, examples, support and so on, where you can download example projects, templates…
But I ask myself if there is any interest from the community in such a offering!?
Let me know! Best regards Lars

I found it very difficult to get started with wappler until I came across this amazing course.

If we can get more courses with this level of clarity it will be a game changer for wappler.