Using the Theme Manager with Bootstrap 5


You already know how to use the Theme Manager to customize your Bootstrap 4 sites.
With the integration of Bootstrap 5 in Wappler, we also updated the Theme Manager to support Bootstrap 5 as well.

Bootstrap 5 Support

The workflow in Theme Manager has not changed for Bootstrap 5.
First open your Project Settings:

Select Bootstrap 5 as in the Design Framework menu:

And make sure to include Bootstrap 5 Local (not CDN!) on your page in order to be able to customize it:

Open the Theme Manager:

The rest is as in the existing Theme Manager docs:


Can I use this “minty” theme with BS5? (asking because i see it listed as a BS4 template).
If so do I install those 4 files in the bs5/css folder? And once installed, can I tweak the theme with the theme manager?

Bootswatch themes are not yet available for Bootstrap 5 :slight_smile: