5.4.1 Theme Manager not working as expected

Setting up a new project in 5.4.1 I cannot get the Theme Manager to show up without this Pop Up.

Saying erroneously that “No Design Framework Chosen” even though I have chosen and saved Design Framework 7 in project settings.

If I click the “Project Options” button to solve this problem it pops up the same Project Settings panel, not the Project Options.

So I open the Project Options separately and can not find any setting to “Enable it (Theme Manager)”

As explained in the docs:

The Theme Manager is available for Bootstrap projects only, using Bootstrap 4 or 5.

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What is Doc link please?
I have tried all kinds of searches to focus in on working with Framework 7 Design options in Wappler Docs.

Well this is taken from the Theme Manager doc:


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As already stated, the Theme Manager only works with Bootstrap.

You can style F7 with CSS, check out