Using Oracle Cloud server with Resource Manager


Hi George
I’m still trying to set a project with Oracle Cloud Free
I have followed and checked your instructions several times, but I continue to encounter difficulties.

As for the configuration of the Oracle Cloud, the ports should be okay as you can see by the screenshot

The connection SSH ubuntu@IP Number is OK
I also configured the ports in this case (see the other screenshot) seem to be configured correctly
It would seem everything ok; But I find some problems

Ports problem
First of all, using a port check, for the IP address the only port that is open is 22; the others find the ports closed

Manager resources problem
As I have already said the connection (importing IP server) is not successful.
Maybe because you expect ssh root@xxxxxx instead of ssh ubuntu@xxxxxx

Is it possible to solve positively?
Thank you

I will check the import procedure for custom servers in the Resource Manager. I think the user is different with Oracle Cloud, so ubuntu needs to be specified instead of root

ok thanks, but while waiting for the update, is it possible to modify the code manually? And for the ports that don’t open, do you know if there is any further procedure in Oracle or Ubuntu?

Fixed in Wappler 6 beta 11, there’s now an option to set a user for your server.

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Thank you, now it connects via SSH also with Oracle, choosing as a name “ubuntu”
At the moment there is a red signal on the connection, probably for the fact that I still have not managed to open all ports in addition to 22 (80.443,2376,9906)
I hope to find the solution for that too

I created a new Oracle Cloud instance and faithfully followed Giorgio’s instructions
The server in Wappler seems to connect, but the configuration doesn’t work and the ports are always closed.
Do you have any suggestions?

Schermata 2023-10-06 alle 16.15.32

Is your SSH key for the server added tobthe SSH Agent?

Ok George
I hadn’t inserted it, but now it doesn’t change.
There is always the red alert and the doors are closed

Did you use the same SSH key when creating the Oracle server? There is an option to upload your public key when creating server in the Oracle cloud dashboard

Ok George is now the same and it seems to me that the connection is ok. Now I think I can continue in the configuration of the remote target
But at this point the problem of the ports remains which are still closed

Schermata 2023-10-06 alle 23.50.14

Yes you still have to open the right ports with iptables commands as explained in the original doc. That is because on the Oracle server the default is to deny all connections.

but I have already executed the commands you suggested. I used the terminal in Wapoler and, as you can see from the previous screenshot the IP lines are present and even double (20 lines)

So what troubles do you still have?

If you use the server in a target properties, and switch to that target can you deploy to it?

concluding the configuration I go to check the opening of the port (as you suggested in the tutorial) and I notice that the only open port is 22. I don’t know if it’s normal and I should pretend nothing happened, or I should worry

Great! So all fine now?

Unfortunately not yet, because if I click on the orange property triangle it gives me an error
And then there is always the problem of ports IP remaining closed
I don’t think the site can work with the ports IP closed

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