Using OpenStreetMap as source to display Map & Marker(s)


Would it be possible to easely use one of the OpenStreetmap source to display OSM maps in webpage and Android App. ?
*as well as letting end users adding few markers from their devices.

I`m in a need for this process in country areas of the world not covered by GoogleMap that is where GM displays only a main road but not all the existing vilages on each side of the road...


Currently we have a google maps component for the easiest integration but as google increased its usage price there are a lot of requests for alternatives.

Openstreetmaps is definitely a good alternative to integrate. So we will investigate


Hi! Any progress on this? OpenStreetMap support would be great…

Good reminder! We actually got it almost ready just got a bit delayed by recent other developments.
So will add it soon!


I understand that the OpenStreetMap support will be released soon, however as a matter of personal knowledge, do you mean that without your explicit support, it is not possible to fully integrate OpenStreetMap to consumer its API from Wappler?

Voted and welcome anything good but I don’t fully understand the request and what’s being worked on by the team . I think something like leaflet is more plausible because you can use it with any map sources including Google and OSM.

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You can always have your own implementation, the things we add is integration with App Connect and a visual UI within Wappler for editing.

i would like to take up this topic again. do you already have more precise information as of when you integrated the open street maps into wappler?

We will be on top with adding new components once we get the final of Wappler 4 out.

So hope to get to the openstreetmaps implementation really soon.


Is OpenStreetMaps any closer? Part of v6? :blush:


Leaflet maps are now available in Wappler:

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