urlEncode not available

Wappler Version : 3.3.2
Operating System : mac

Expected behavior

There should be a urlEncode option on the Data Formats for text

Actual behavior

It is not available

How to reproduce

Looks like this was implemented:

but I'm not seeing it:

I think it was added in Server Connect only.

Yes, I only find it in Server Connect but would love it to be on the client side too!

URL encode has been added to server data formatter in Wappler 2.6.4

Can you guys explain why do you need the URL encode on the clientside? What’s the purpose/what are you trying to achieve?

Give a URL to the user for a booking form link like:


So what kind of values are you going to add to the url param ?a= exactly?

A random string that includes values which need URL encoding

Well .. where is that random string coming from? I think we already discussed this in another topic a few months ago?

I do it as a matter of best practice. If I’m creating a string that is to be used in a url, then I encode it especially with user generated content as I don’t control what it contains.

How are you generating the string?

I’m pulling from a server connect action.

Just to be clear…I don’t have a problem right now, just reporting what I thought was the absence of a feature already added. Like I said, it’s just personal habit to reach for the encoder.

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I see, in this case you can do this on the serverside and send it to your page :slight_smile:

So I’m actually trying to do a search based on what the user has input into a field. There’s nothing coming from or going to the server at this point. How can I encode that?

Same issue here.
I have visitors typing in their phone in international format +1 in a form…
How can I URLEncode this from the frontend before sending it to server connect ?
Right now, on the backend, “+” becomes a space character. :confused: