URL encoding

Requesting the addition of URL encoding in the string formatter.

My current use case is in server connect, creating a link sent via email with values provided by users using a front-end form.

on the server connect you can use Base 64 encoding/decoding.
I have tried it and it worked pretty well
However, there is no solution to do a similar action on the frontend

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How do YOu decode? Everyone says you can do stuff but there is no documentation showing you how.

How did you overcome this @mebeingken? Custom formatter I’m assuming?

That won’t work for all cases. The “+” symbol which is part of base64 is not readable in URL.
Note: Just saw in another post that you realized this.

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For those PHP users here you have a custom formatter for SC.


function formatter_urlencode($val) {
   return urlencode($val);

You can then format any string by appending .urlencode()

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Hey Jon,

Yes custom formatter is the way to go. This request is from a dark time when I was unaware of such magic, so I did a find/replace since I just wanted to be able to have a plus symbol in a url. :slight_smile:

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Interesting @JonL:slight_smile:
Could you please detail where you would hook such a formatter to make it accessible within server connect ?
Many thanks !

Please check:

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As explained there👆🏻

URLencode formatter was implemented in Wappler 2.6.4

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