URL Not Supported (Lightbox)

We keep seeing URL Not Supported using Lightbox with a Dynamic Source. The images are located in sub directories under the unique reference for each item, therefore the source is similar to the following (also in a Repeat):


Any work-around or suggestions welcome as always.

Thank you in advance.


This UID is 62 characters in length, could this be the culprit?

*Edit: I changed the UID to 32 characters and the issue persists.

I had the same issue when using the lightbox. I can’t remember exacty what the problem was - perhaps I was usign curly brackets too. Anyway, it works now - eg like this:

dmx-bind:src="'img-detail/jpegs/' + img_filename"

Thanks Tom but that did not alleviate the issue unfortunately.

The error is not coming from the img src. The lightbox is called from the <a> tag surrounding the image.

@Dave can you provide an example of how the rendered URL looks like?

Here you go Teodor:


. ./BLAH/UploadsBlahFiles/BlahMedia/assets/{{blahUID}}/images/{{medFile}}

*I know there is a space between the periods above, forum replaces two with three! :wink:

Thanks for your time.

Thanks Dave,
I’ll try to recreate this locally and test.

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I am having the same issue. Was there a solution for this?

You need an <a> tag surrounding your image with a hrefor dynamic dmx-bind:href attribute, pointing to the image file, then call the lightbox from this <a> tag …

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