Update Billing Info


I need to update my credit card details before the 23rd when my subscription expires. Update payment Info only brings up this dialogue.

Just in case I decide to resubscribe :wink:

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Would be nice to have the option to use PayPal too, happy to pay the extra costs for the transaction fees!



We are totally redoing our commercial backend and Wappler account site, so soon you will be able on manage it all on the Wappler site.

For now if you need to update your payment details just send me a private message - I will send you a direct payment link


We will never add PayPal and their bad overpriced service.

We will add all European bank payments so you will be able to pay directly with your bank account and app


As long as I can change it before the 24th of May when my subscription expires. I would imagine that day will be a big pay day for you guys with lots of renewals. :slight_smile:

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New Wappler Account management online is available now at:


there you can edit all your account and billing info

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