Unable to browser.goto Route When Already Routed to Sibling Page

I have the below routing structure in my SPA.

When I am on the requests route page, the URL on browser says “www.domain.com/app/requests”, which is fine.
Now on this page, I need to redirect to the “/F002” route. To do this, when I select the route in a browser.goto() action, the code I get is:

When this code gets executed on the browser, the application breaks. This is the URL shown in the address bar: “www.domain.com/appF002/123”.

If I MANUALLY change the code in browser.goto as: browser.goto('.//F002/123'), then the page correctly redirects to “www.domain.com/app/F002/123” and the page opens.

How to route to a sibling route page when nested under another route?

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hello @sid this is old bug … already reported but not yet fixed

Oh. Link?

@patrick: Can you please help?