Types of projects to develop with Wappler | Create demand for it

If you look around most clients ask for projects developed with WP and if anything more custom they ask Angular, React, Vue. Since Wappler stands somewhere in the middle and since it is not that known as a solution to development needs, there is no actual demand for it. Once someone sees the results of it, she/he is delighted but in the near future there is almost no way that someone will ask you to develop something with Wappler.

I was thinking about how we could make Wappler a trend faster so people start asking for it. I say faster because I am sure it will be a trend. I believe that many of us in here are 100% freelancers and not just developing for a side income and this is really important since if we make Wappler known, for what it can do, we will be able to start creating demand for Wappler projects from individuals or agencies.

For example the post on Wappler VS WP is a good start but I think that Wappler has much more to offer than just a WP alternative or a DW killer. Please correct me if I am wrong but a same article could go on Wappler VS Vue or Angular or React and this is where the true power of Wappler is revealed.

Usually WP end-users (our clients) are these who want to be able to touch everything, they like to keep their mind busy by playing around. Wappler is up to the point creates things that do the work and help us create cutting edge, affordable, custom stuff that make our clients save time rather than trying to figure out how to fit something in an already structured system like WP.

I will stop here for now, and for sure will come back on this topic. Just wanted to start the discussion so more ideas start to flow.

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But wappler is an IDE you cant compare it to frameworks or wordpress for that matter.
wappler team need to target the correct people to the platform so no more theme builders getting here and confuse more users :slightly_smiling_face:
start by listing wappler in websites like www.capterra.com


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Niko you started a very good discussion here!

We are having the same discussion when trying to redo the Wappler.io site. We want to organize it that way that appeals to all Wappler users and potential users.

I think we should improve the content and targeting of wappler.io in a way that features and possibilities are quickly filtered and focused on the user level and experience.

With Wappler we target 4 user groups:

  • web designers - more visually oriented and not technical at all, beginners
  • front-end developers - also visually oriented but well aware of the web dev technologies primarily front end
  • back-end developers - coders, cms builders looking for productivity increase and power tools
  • mobile developers - this is actually a category on its own having also various levels of user experience from beginners to advanced users

So we should somehow divide the users/features on the site content to quickly filter the user and show him the features of Wappler that appeal mostly to its level of interest.

There is no need, and can be very confusing, to talk about complicated back ends and cms to beginner web designers as well talking about cool visual beginners design to hard core devs.

A good example of quick user segmentation is webflow.com they have a good appealing landing page and quickly filter the features based on interest

Indeed Wappler’s most active current user base is more freelancer/cms builder based because of the history of Wappler with DMXzone and the productivity of our extensions as well App Connect and Server Connect as superb front-end and back-end frameworks to get the job quickly and effective done.

But as we are replacing Adobe Dreamweaver ans specially Adobe Muse - more and more web designers and beginners are turning to Wappler as a first choice tool to also learn web design.

The good thing about learning with Wappler is that you can grow your knowledge together with the product, start with simple web sites but expand just as your knowledge grows, to more advanced dynamic and reactive web sites that you normally build only with sophisticated front-end frameworks like React, Angular and VueJS as well back ends.

We have being approached by many learning organizations and schools already - specially ones that have courses of learning web design with Dreamweaver. They see it is a dead end - so are looking for new grounds. But learning organizations move slowly and also want to see tons of users as proof concept, so they wait in producing their own materials.

With the advantage of Wappler that the tools stays productive and visual even for the most complicated solutions. While when doing that all by yourself - specially with the complicated front-end and back-end frameworks you need many die hard coders to do the job.

But you also brought a very good point here is that sometimes the end customers try to dictate your solution and the tools you use. This is very common with specially large corporations. They come to you and ask for Angular solution for example. Why? Because they’ve heard of it too much and Google is behind it so it must be good. Years later and having lost tons of money they discover that Angular is actually too complicated and they start again. This happens all the time.

So we should break all those old fashion rules and be clear with Wappler. And the more its user base grows the easier it will get also for larger businesses and learning organisations to jump in.

Maybe @ben and @brad have an opinion to share as well :slight_smile:


To keep on track at the main topic and the original idea of Niko, I think it will be indeed helpful to publish many use cases, so people can see in which cases Wappler can be used.

This is also purpose of our Wappler group at medium.

So - @t11, @psweb, @ben, @drymetal, @TomD, @Hyperbytes, @pixlapps, @jimatjude, @mrbdrm, @brian, @oscreative, @turn3636

I can make you a writers there so you can publish small stories about specific projects you are working on?


Sounds good. I love writing, so…lol
Let me know when added to Medium. I already have an account.

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Just send you an Medium editor invitation @drymetal - so go for it!

Here is a good guide about writing articles on Medium from a well known editor - very useful!

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Count me in, happy to oblige


In 22 years I have never had a client ask for a site built with any specific tools. Guess I was just lucky. :wink: