Two table approach to user security permissions

As promised i have made a quick video on how to use a multi table approach to user security permissions and the benefits allowing a user to reside in multiple permission groups
Sorry, video is a bit rough, when i get a chance i will produce a more polished version.
Hope i have explained myself clearly
Any questions/comment, please ask and if anyone can assist in the problem i highlight at then end i would be most appreciative!! (total length 7m40s)

using-two-tables-for-permissions.mp4 (18.1 MB)


Thank you so much for posting this video.
I have implemented a different scenario but I didn’t think about multiple permissions :grimacing:

About your issue, check the binding in Code view rather than visually, that’s how I troubleshoot my issues.

Yes, i also check code view. Unfortunately the binding seems as it should be.
I seem to be able to bind any value but the ‘permid’ key field. I even changed the field name (was originaly ‘pid’) in case it was some sort of reserved word issue.

<input id="permid" type="text" name="permid" dmx-bind:value="UserID"> works perfectly binding UserID to the form field
<input id="permid" type="text" name="permid" dmx-bind:value="permid">
doesn’t bind displaying [object Object}

Both UserID and permid are valid fields in the repeat and appear in the picker

Your issue is that you are using a binding as an id/name and app connect tries to parse it which causes the error. Make sure the id/name of the field is NOT using a value which is a binding returned from the data source.


Brilliant, changed the field name and it works perfectly, huge thanks again @Teodor, i could have been on for ever with that one


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