Two Factor Authentication - Google Authenticator or Authy

It would be great to have a 2FA module in Wappler based on at least one of Google Authenticator or Authy.

I really need this to be an essential part of my app’s security!

See other discussions about it here…

Yes we truly need this feature ASAP as more clients ask what all security measures is being built into their site registration and password reset process. I am hoping the Wappler team may find a plugin service that is not costly for them in term OTP providers. @George this is my wishlist :grin:

Yep… Need this in one way or another in the next month too! :slight_smile:

@psweb , maybe I am missing something about Authenticator… I just want a Wappler element to insert which does the job, not to have to fiddle around working it all out myself.

Yeah, mine required a little mess around but actually not too major.

Server Action - OAuth2Provider and OAuth2Authenticator setup with the correct URLs provided from the Google API Documentation

The App then takes me through the standard Google screens when I want to authenticate, such as a list of Google Accounts on my browser and then granting permission to the Google App and then getting my tokens.

I do not really see how Wappler could make a simpler way of doing this because you still have to setup your google app in the google dev console, and add your paths etc.
But if you are interested in doing it like I did without using other libraries and only using whats already in Wappler I will try explain the steps i took and why in one of my long winded bugger explanations.


Brilliant! Made me proper laugh. But I would still love some tutorials on things like this so would love to see your explanation @psweb :slight_smile:

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Yes please Paul! :slight_smile:

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I will try get this sorted out for you over the weekend, because you are mr flow master I think you should write me a simple flow tutorial as I haven’t really delved into that too much as yet.


I organise user gatherings and write long tutorials on stuff I’m doing like Stripe… but am a bit maxed out to do any more right now…

But will do a flow tutorial when time allows!

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He should be demoted :joy:

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Jealousy gets you nowhere…

Come climb up to the heady heights of flow mastery and join me!


mwahahaha @JonL , meanie pants, lol

I just haven’t use flows yet because i everytime I do something client side for hours I am later informed that I now have a security hole of some form, so i spend half my life in Server Connect and thats about it. At least this way I know im generally secure.

How does such information arrive?

I just earned my empathy badge, was actually quite sad when i got it, hahahaha, Patrick is going to get his empathy badge in about 30 years at his current rate of likes.

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Normally I post some question about what I am busy doing and am told on the forum that maybe I should do that server side as something that should be secure is user editable by some trickery.

Main culprits of calling me out on security. @s.alpaslan, @Teodor, @Dave, @JonL, @max_gb, @sitestreet

So if you get past any of them your code is probably safe.