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I too will be interested in writing something once I have used Wappler properly. Having not used DMX zone extensions before this, I have little experience in using Wapper to any great degree yet. I purchased it primarily because my skills at PHP/MySQL programming were slower than the ideas I was having. I see Wappler as a way of concentrating on the design side and not having to worry to much about how I’m going to make it work. I like the way it’s going and am excited for its future. I am looking forward to seeing more tutorials or project ideas like for example, how to build an intranet etc

Thank you :slight_smile:


I also will like to see some basic tutorials on how to build sample projects.

  1. intranet
  2. Inventory management systems
  3. Help Desk
  4. Leave request and approvals


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Hello guys,
An intranet system may be different for different clients you are building it for - some may need different functionality than the others… What exactly your idea about an intranet system tutorial is?
Everything you need to know to build an intranet system, inventory system, user management system is already explained in our documentation: https://github.com/Wappler/docs/wiki
Check the database actions tutorials (insert, delete records in the database), the login system tutorials and the security tutorials and you are done.
It doesn’t matter if you insert a product, an user, a question or an article in the database - it follows the same logic. So when you go through these basic database and security tutorials you will be able to create whatever system you need.

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I think @Hyperbytes and @psweb are making now full solutions video tutorials, so those might be more suitable when seeking full blown solutions build from the beginning till end. See

@George, yup I have been working hard on mine all weekend so far and continuing today.


Hi Teodor,

I see Wappler as the complete toolset for web development. You have given us the tools to design and create and update pretty much whatever we need. If there is something it cannot do, I have faith you guys have already thought of it and will be working to improve. It is because you have so much power, it can feel overwhelming so hard to know where to start. Yes, I agree that the wiki pages do a good job at explaining certain functions but they are like having all the puzzle pieces but with no end picture as a guide. Knowing the best way of integrating and chaining certain extensions together to produce a set aim would help no end.

Reading further down this thread, it looks like our questions have been answered in the form of the SCRUD tutorials which I look forward to trying out.

Best regards,

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Hi Brian,

The docs indeed show all the core functionality and it is up to the user to make its own solution.
Maybe we should produce more higher level tutorials that are more goal/solution based?

What solutions would you like to see?

Hi George,

Thank you for your reply.

I initially thought of an intranet as this is something that could encompass much of what Wappler can do in one project. This might include for example:

Secure logins and roles for certain pages, ie only members of group X can view/edit here.
Upload, view and deleted files.
Allow users to edit or add pages.
Create comments for content or forums, much like the Wappler community page with email notifications.
Admin Dashboard showing online status, content changes etc.

In writing this I also had another thought. Are there any plans to have a ‘Made with Wappler’ showcase page? This could be used by the community to demonstrate real project successes or even clever uses of particular extensions. How to’s could then be based on said projected / shared and commented on.

All the best,

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Definitely! Initially we were thinking of making showcase section on Wappler.io of smaller samples and howto videos just like on DMXzone, but a user contributed showcase is even better!

This level of interest in your users’ requests is superb and I will like to commend the team for that. Although many of Wappler’s current users are mostly experienced web designers and developers who have been in the space for years, it is important the Wappler team ensures even newbies can find Wappler very useful to adopt by providing as many “stupid” tutorials as possible. This is why I suggest even though Wappler has all the tools and functionalities needed to build complex SCRUD systems, some tutorials on complete solutions can really boost Wappler’s adoption rate among newbies.
Wappler team can build Starter projects

1.Classifieds Front End.

2.Intranet Systems.

3.Directory Systems.

4.Request and Approval system which can be modified to suit any type of such system. Eg: Leave request and approval, Vehicle request, etc.

5.An assignment submission system with the ability to upload documents like PDFs, Docx, Excel, etc.

6.Asset Management etc.

These are just a few of the things that come to mind now and although I know most of them have similar functionality. I still believe making such sample projects available in a basic form which users can import or follow through to complete will contribute immensely to the adoption rate of Wappler. You can even make this as a paid add-on to the current packages.


Well said @enyonam !

I think @psweb and @drymetal are already working on tutorials for complete systems.

Also recently I had a peak at @ben’s classified caravan system build with Wappler and the database extensions. I was completely stunned how well it was designed and how complete it was!

Maybe @ben can give us a walk trough of how he build it and about the different design and workflow choices as well the back end workflow. This will be awesome contribution to the Wappler community.

Thank you @George for your kind words; but it is I that should be the grateful one. Grateful because I developed the products module in less than one week where it used to take a month or more. This has caused a bit of a problem because I am fast running out of projects.

At the moment, I am rehashing sites under my management to be based on Wappler to make for easier maintenance. I will also make time to write an article that can be transformed into a video based tutorial. The article will show how to construct an e-commerce site.

Having said that, I still feel that tutorials with this structure https://www.linkedin.com/learning/dreamweaver-cc-essential-training-2?u=2270706 are the easiest to follow with short videos covering each step. Two or three hour sessions can easily be be broken up into shorter sittings while revisiting a certain section is as easy as.

Sidenote: Did you notice the dropzone and re-ordering images in the caravan module? Did you notice the absence of a shopping cart? Hint, hint :sunglasses:


You are getting too productive now @ben ! What that is the whole essence of Wappler! Now you can make more money in short time :slight_smile:

Yes I love the structure of the tutorials on Lynda - this is definitely something we should follow. I also love how David Powers structure his work. That is why I approached him some time ago to do also some more Wappler tutorials and courses but his priorities are a bit different currently. Maybe you can convince him :slight_smile: he is here as well looking behind the curtain @davidp :slight_smile:

Anyway your caravan site is really amazing, please consider making a video tour as showcase where you explain the site and how you’ve done it Wappler - just on a high level, you don’t have to go into details.

Got your hint as well - we will definitely get to the shopping cards as well :slight_smile:

I learned PHP by buying @davidp’s books, and following lessons on his website many, many, many years ago. I’m taking his style into consideration too for the videos I’m working on.

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George I am a good example of a designer with almost no PHP coding skills and is interested by what Wappler can do (Read: I am a future Pro license buyer ) but who would like to make my own CMS for my clients because I am tired using CMS that are always frustrating to use or to keep updated, security lack etc.,And now I realize by reading topics here that I could build my own CMS with the features and workflow needed by my clients. And since I have installed many CMS and know what my clients mostly like and need I would build one general CMS system as a base for all my clients who need one and simply adapt it for clients with specific needs .

But I have no experience with DMXzone extension like App builder or App connect etc. so a good tutorial covering the standards steps to build a cms or any kind of system (intranet, directory system…) would be very much appreciate :slight_smile:


We need more of you @Webjack357 ! As Wappler can be used indeed by a diversity of users, we need to offer each user group its own feature set and tutorials.

For designers I wasn’t thinking directly more at full blown, complicated CMS’s but more smaller getting started solutions like:

  • photographer web sites - dynamically with image upload & resize maybe
  • dynamic portfolio site - with admin back-end
  • houses for rent - with admin back-end

Is that something you would like to see? Or other samples of more concrete and more visual appealing but still dynamic solutions. To make those designers happy :slight_smile:

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Hi @Webjack357,

I m more or less like you. No coding experience, just knowledge of basic theory how db works and little of html.

Before with DMXzone extensions and now with Wappler I build reserved areas for my clients like with th of clients, addresses, storage for file etc.

Instead to build a CMS what I can suggest you is to study solutions for your clients based on their works, obviously according their budget.

But with Wappler it is not impossible.

In this case would be good a tutorial about permissions and conditions for the users (that I never understood very well how to set up them).

Thank you George for your reply! I agree with you George, it doesn’t need to be too complex cms, anyway most of the time clients need to be able to modify some content like images and text, etc.

The most advanced features one of my clients need is to be able to have 3 different editors(ideally with some of kind Approval system), a way to upload pdf files with a prebuilt block (often called “Custom blocks”) where they can type a short description of what is included in each pdf file and a Start/end date of publication.

But at least being able to start a simple and build a simple cms project and adding more advanced features later on would be great :slight_smile:

Hi @updates,
The login system with user permissions is already explained in our docs: https://github.com/Wappler/docs/wiki/Setting-Site-Security-Settings

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Thank you Teodor will take a look!