Turnstile integration. Captcha alternative

Just announced by CF and free for everyone.


Right in time, yesterday I was looking for captchas. I’m also considering mCaptcha, similarly a proof-of-work captcha

I voted for it because I believe options is good. But I’m curious as to why people are shunning Captcha? Does it no longer do the job?

For me it’s about GDPR compliance, reCaptcha is not clear if it’s compliant. Better let a device solve work than a human anyway (from a UX perspective). Captchas are always bypass-able given the attacker has money


Quick & dirty solution to use Turnstile with Wappler:

On your layout page(s):

    <!--<script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js" defer></script>-->
    <script src="https://challenges.cloudflare.com/turnstile/v0/api.js?compat=recaptcha" async defer></script>

Use Visual Studio Code to find the following string on all files: (there’s an option to search for text in all files at once)


You will find one match, replace with:


And then replace all your site and secret keys with Turnstile ones

Won’t survive Wappler updates

Edit: Wappler insists on adding reCaptcha’s script when you add a new captcha

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