TSL support rather then SSL


I tested g-mail via ssl and port 465 and I do get e-mails. But wit smtp.office365 port 587 I do not. Has this something to do with TSL support, which is required by microsoft, but not supported by wappler?

Peter Broekman

please see similar question here

TLS support in mailer

Do you use NodeJs or PHP?

Hi I use PHP

I see, the PHP mailer library doesn’t support TLS at this moment and requires a big update. Will see what I can do.

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ok at least helps me in understanding it. Does NodeJs do? Guess that will take me a big update :slight_smile:

The library used by NodeJs supports TLS, but we need a small update to make it work within Wappler.

ok, tnx appreciate an update on the tls update(s). Thanks for now.

Actually it should already work in NodeJs when the server correctly advertises the support for the STARTTLS extension, it then automatically will connect using TLS. Just leave the Use SSL option unchecked and it will auto detect.

ok, tried that only in php where it failed, but that’s logic looking at your first reaction (php needs an update).

Ok for other people struggling with this, there is this option of the server default mailer. If you set that up via sendmail it actually works. I am on a windows machine and you can download it here https://sourceforge.net/projects/send-mail/
I put it on my localhost C:\xampp\sendmail (on the production server use a different path) . In php,ini you need to update this line sendmail_path = C:\xampp\sendmail\sendmail.exe and uncomment other e-mail related lines. Hope this helps until the php Wappler update is there.

If you use Laragon you can set to use server default and use Laragon’s built in mailer. :blush:

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Looking forward to this update. :pray:

Tnx great tip!!