Trouble getting URL parameters

I'm having trouble to access URL parameters.

I have followed both guides:


but when I try to get the variable it would be null, whenever I try to use it for db queries/display it in a paragraph it will be empty.

I'm no sure if its related but I get this error in the console:

"BaseComponent.js:301 Unknown component found! query-manager"

my target is a node+ docker deployment

any suggestions?

Hi. Welcome to the community.

Based on the error, it seems you have not saved the layout page.
Whenever you add a new type of component in any of the content pages in NodeJS, Wappler automatically added required JS/CSS files in the layout page associated with that content page.

Either you are missing the layout page, which means there is an issue with the project setup itself.
Else, you should see that there are unsaved changes in layout page. Just save that and try again.